Why women must not show off their beauty?


Purpose set out in the 31st verse of Surah An-Nur banning to open woman’s beauty, we are talking about is not only cover the body. The aim is to bring to the consciousness of people that Allah is the Lord and their bodies. In connection with this the main reason goal is moral. And because it is moral, and even dressed in accordance with the foregoing rules, one should try to behave morally. Wanting to give an example to prove this truth, our Lord says:

“…And let them not stamp their feet to make known what they conceal of their adornment...”

At the times when the Qur'an was revealed, the women wore jewelry as anklets. We know that before the order on the hijab was sent, such outstanding and exemplary woman like Aisha and Ummu Sulaym (radyyallahu anhuma), among their mahrams also wore anklets so that they are visible.

Since some of the women were ringing their foot bracelets, showing thus a coquetry, our Lord has forbidden to do so. We can therefore say that the meaning of this verse is as follows:

“…Let the woman do not walk on the street like a wanton, so as to draw attention to herself and seduce…”

In addition to the order to cover, in the verse there is an emphasize not to have intended to allow to see the hidden charms. As an example the seductive manner of walking, which in the language of the Quran is called “Tabarrudz”. This topic is not related to foot bracelets. In our time most women wear stilettos, make women more sexually attractive.

Through the Quran and the sayings of our Prophet (peace be upon him) there are many prohibitions, which doesn’t permit to see the hidden charms. For example, given the sexual perfumed incense, walking among men, to meet men in hidden from human sight, even when shaking hands to touch each other in order to obtain sexual pleasure, lead flirtatious conversations, make long journeys without a husband or a mahram, do cosmetic surgery with the aim of becoming more beautiful and wear clothing with eye-catching designs. All this is prohibitions based on the Quran and Sunnah.

The last thing we can say, it is the failure of only physical hijab. In fact, our Lord has bestowed upon command of hijab, says the hijab only creates a more efficient environment. The aim is achieved only when the physical hijab is worn over the hijab of piety. Doesn’t the Quran say the same?

“O Children of Adam! We have sent down to you clothing to cover your private parts and decorations [for clothes]. However, apparel piety better! This is one of the signs of Allah, maybe it will serve as guidance to them”.


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