Why women lose their femininity?

Why women lose their femininity?


It's hardly a secret that women gradually began to lose their femininity. Nobody will be surprised trousers, short hair and fast wide gait. But Allah forbade the assimilation of women to men and men to women. This includes not only the preferences in clothes, but also the model of behavior, system of values.

So what caused the desire of women to be strong, solve problems, and beautiful clothes to prefer comfortable? Do men lost in the eyes of women all respect, or is it women themselves?

By creating Eve, Allah Almighty has laid in her exactly the qualities that she needs in order to enable it to be gentle with her husband, attentive to the children to create comfort around herself and was the embodiment of beauty. However, today we see the opposite.  Women took off the veil of modesty, but at the same time have ceased to lead the "female" way of live. This behavior women themselves justify the fact that men lost their masculinity, they became slaves, lack of initiative. According to psychologist Anna Uzbekova, if a woman is often demonstrates women's quality, the man next to her more and more often demonstrates masculine qualities. That's is a paradox: to close was a strong man, to give him the opportunity to be independent, to believe in him, cheering. But everything else - just excuses, instigation of Satan. Indeed, one of his favorite things - it's quarrel spouses and separate them.

If we look at the issue of women's femininity only from the relations of husband and wife, the review will be too narrow. After all, the family still have children who depend on the situation in the house, what kind of role performed by Mom and Dad. Scientists and psychotherapists established the fact that children who have not received the necessary "dose" of love and warmth, who were not carried on the hands in childhood, improperly developed brain, namely the cerebellum. Such children grow up aggressive, ruthless and at the same time, notorious. Such children are retarded in mental and physical development. Therefore, mom should first be a never-ending source of tenderness and awe object for the kids. And if she will always be engaged in the construction of a brilliant career, it turns that she will not be able to fulfill her main role.

Many people perceive the teachings of Islam as a restriction of the freedom of women, as remnants of the past. But that's the Divine wisdom is that He knows our needs, about ourselves, when we are on this is not always capable of. The Qur'an is the instruction of life for all times and peoples, even in the era of globalization humanity is not able to implement something that at least looked like in its greatness to the Quran. Therefore, if the Creator of all things forbidden likening women to men and men to women, it is not unreasonable. This is necessary so that we can build a healthy relationships, manage to find ourselves, our true purpose.

Gulshahida Hakimova

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