"Whole Brain" Is More Preferable Than Beautiful Brows


In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the compassionate

In the modern world, good and evil were mixed with each other like the signs of Yin-Yang - worn faces, late one goes to the beginning of another. Thus the world justifies the comparison that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and welcomes, gave the earth's life - he, may Allah bless him and welcomes, compared it with a garbage pit.

It is clear that the garbage dump is not a suitable place for a man who respects and cares for own soul. However, due to the limitation of the choice of the most useful thing that can make such a people for himself, to be selective and prudent.

Beauty requires sacrifice 

The favorite excuse for those who are really ready to go to these victims. But sometimes the price is really too expensive. In particular for believers sisters this sacrifice is a sin and separation from God. I do not know whether to be a higher price for such poor quality and nondurable goods, as the external appeal. It concerns the application of tattoos, tattooing (lips, eyebrows), plucking eyebrows, etc.

Women's desire to be attractive is clear. But if it is contrary to the precepts of God, " then maybe it is better to sacrifice beauty for the sake of His self-satisfaction? 

Price - the curse

From bitter experience, I can say that I was introduced to the plucking of the eyebrows as a way of self-care and almost obligatory ritual for every woman. That Islam it prohibits, then the question was not - ignorance played a role. But now, in the period of availability of Islamic knowledge to everyone, it can be clearly read in the hadiths concerning non-permissive, and the coming punishment for such procedures. The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and welcomed, said: "Allah has cursed women who do and who do tattos; who pluck eyebrows and who pluck eyebrows are being cut for beauty teeth and change the creation of Allah".

Scientific approach 

If religious arguments are unconvincing for the believer, then perhaps convinced by scientists. Recently, it was reported that Japanese scientists discovered that each plucked eyebrows is "Beauty" one brain cell. Unfortunately, more information about this discovery I could not find. But it is important that we are once again convinced: Almighty forbids and endorses in accordance with the utility and harm to His creation. God knows us and takes care of through norms and restrictions, which He established.

From this discovery, it turns out that the plucking of the eyebrows harms the brain and thus in the whole nervous system of the underlying activity. And here the conflict (this would be funny if they were not so serious) "beauty or submission" becomes more clear outlines: "intact brains or beautiful eyebrows". Here the words of a Soviet writer P. A. Pavlenko: "Beauty will never be that manages the clever". So the question for reflection: "If there is no difference, why pay more ..."

Asya Gagieva 

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