Wearing the hijab for three days

Wearing the hijab for three days


Some time ago I was interested in girl feeling who tied a handkerchief. What is the attitude of those around you? All they glad? What do family and relatives think of? To feel all these charms, I decided to experiment and for a few days decided to walk in a scarf. I knew that the girls in headscarves should not attract the attention of others. But in the village of Camp where I live, these girls are very few. Perhaps this is why, when I entered the Shuttle bus, it seemed to me that all the passengers began to look me from head to toe, I was even a bit uncomfortable. After several stops a man sat on the adjoining seat, but when he saw my hijab pulled back a little... I went to Central Farmers Market. On the first day in order to not be embarrassed, I asked my girlfriend to tie a scarf too. However, on this day the market was not as crowded as it usually happens, and some passers-by were even greeted us "Assalyamu alaikum"!

When on the way back I got on the bus again, it seemed to me, all the passengers looked at me again. Old ladies all eyes looked at me. If you would have seen how woman stared at me indignantly standing next to me! This was seen with the naked eye.

The next day I was coming home on the bus. Two guys entered at the stop. One of them sat on the free seat in front of me and said to a friend:

- There's the back seat. Sit down. What are you waiting?

- Don't you see who is sitting there?

The second looked at me pointedly exclaimed:

- Oh, I see ...

The guy, whether knowing the rules of Shariat, or from other considerations did not sit next to me.

My friends, with whom I have known for a long time, met me with a scarf, long ceased to be surprised. On their faces were anxiety and bewilderment. In their eyes one could read: "What are you, my dear, crazy! Since then on the prayer rug?" Some guys have deliberately turn away from me.

Parents percieved ambiguously my decision to tie the hijab. Parents immediately began to ask me. Frankly, they didn't like. Frankly, just like my parents, and I don't really like, when our young tribeswoman tie scarves. In my opinion, is not in the traditions of our people. In Tatar plays and Tatar books, our girls are not portrayed as such.

When talking about the Tatar girl somehow in front of me there is an image Zuleiha of the eponymous drama of Gayaz Ishaki. Black long braids, decorated, clinking with every movement of silver coins on her head beaded kalfak and snowy white handkerchief. For me, this is the ideal of Tatar girl. However, if today you are in a islamic dress on the street - no one will understand ...


Gulnaz Gabdrakhmanova

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