The importance of education for women


In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the compassionate!

Perhaps only short-sighted or ignorant people would deny the importance of education for women. I sometimes tend to think that education is necessary for a woman to even more than men. Everyone knows the saying that nurturing a man, nurture human and nurturing woman, educate a nation. The logic is that women are more involved in the upbringing of children, the future generation, while the man usually creates safe conditions for this.

If the education of women is the education of the whole family, then how can you deny the importance of education for women? In fact, she can transmit children only what she has herself. It is not only the words and regulations, she teaches them consciously, but also her behaviour, manner of communication, a way of life, complexes, values etc.

Education is not just knowledge, and first of all the ability to act effectively in different situations. With the extension of knowledge is enriched the inner world of man, he learns wisdom, ability to be happy, to be honest with himself and others. Pots, diapers, cloths never give a woman the internal wealth, which can give her good books and useful knowledge.

The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and welcomed, said: "The pursuit of knowledge - it is the duty of every Muslim!" He who refuses this grace or deny others the right to do it, not only deprive himself to comply with part of the Sunnah, but also contributes to the devil to knock himself out of the way. Ignorant is one of the most faithful helpers of nafs and the devil. Because in the darkness of ignorance is impossible to distinguish where the good and where the grace. Where is smooth and straight, and where the pits and bumps.

Many see in education is a waste of time, a set of clever books, classes intellectually. Behind the facade of education such people do not see the chief - the benefits and grace, which involves a search for knowledge, they do not notice wisdom, which helps the same person walk in the right path, not making mistakes, which does not shun the ignorant.

A woman is not a set of functions, as they perceive her in traditional societies. This is primarily a personality. Person whose value is not reduced to her skills and abilities, and her efficiency and personality, whose importance and value to society is unconditional. And only imbued with a deep respect for her, you can fully appreciate the fact that she does, and the contribution that she makes.

And the present education is to create conditions for the development of the personality of the child, to reveal their abilities given in him by God, for his temporal and eternal welfare.

Therefore, he who denies the importance of education (as acquisitions practical wisdom, spiritual and moral development of intelligence women), shows disrespect not only for women but also shows his indifference to the future. But in general - he shows his own ignorance, sometimes explicit, sometimes - covered with some logical (but reasonable) explanation.

Asya Gagieva



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