The harm of smoking for women

The harm of smoking for women

According to the World Health Organization, the combined contribution to the loss of health and population extinction tobacco occupies the first place. Every year the world from diseases related to smoking kills about 5 million people in Russia - 300 thousand people.

Often, one of the reasons smoking is a desire to be more attractive and interesting. Smoking affects the appearance, but only negatively.

Components of tobacco smoke dissolve in sweat and fat that is on the skin. With the formation of alkalies, which destroy the surface layer of the skin, resulting in cracks appear, promoting the formation of wrinkles.

Solid particles of smoke, soot, tar, colorants remain in the pores and is gradually impregnated the skin. The skin has a smell of smoke and resinous substances generated during the burning of tobacco.

 The eyes are irritated by tobacco smoke and because of this, tears, blush, appear swollen eyelids. Reduced visual acuity. Appears habit of screwing up the eyes, and from this there are wrinkles around the eyes.

 Soot and tar are deposited on the teeth. Teeth darken. Hot smoke 40-50 C, containing acid, contributes to the appearance of cracks in the tooth enamel, tooth decay, bad breath, inflammation of the gums and tongue mucosa. 

Ammonia, component smoke, dissolved in saliva, forming alkali. It corrodes the teeth and gums. This results in increased the formation the saliva. Smokers often spit. It does not paint neither men nor women.

Voice smokers gets rough, “smoked”, hoarse. Cough is strained face and wrinkles . Smokers look older than their years.

Constant poisoning smoke causes smokers compensatory increase the activity of enzymes that destroy as toxic substances and their own hormones. In particular, the accelerated destruction of the male and female sex organs. Earlier menopause begins.

Women smokers prematurely lose their appeal. In addition, they produce less of the hormones required for sex and birth of children. Less waste Mature, full eggs, they are less likely to become pregnant, due to increased risk of ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage and birth of a child with birth defects, low birth weight, etc. is More likely to occur sudden infant death syndrome.

The combination of smoking and oral contraceptives is 20 times increases risk of heart attack and stroke due to narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels and improve blood clotting.

 If you still smoke - rush to throw this terrible habit.


Doctor of medical Sciences, Head of the Department of Psychiatry,

Addiction and Psychotherapy Kazan

State Medical Academy


Karpov A.M.

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