Ten basic rules for Muslim women

Ten basic rules for Muslim women


Every woman wants her husband lived with her in happiness, but you must win the heart of your husband. Below we present some tips for Muslim women that will help you win the hearts of your husbands.

1. Be attractive to your husband

All women are endowed with ornaments that Allah blessed them. Use the beauty bestowed by Allah in the way of winning the heart of your husband.

2. Greet him in a good mood

Imagine that your husband comes back to a clean house with a beautifully dressed wife, lunch, prepared with love, well-groomed children - what all this will do with his love for you? Now imagine that will do the opposite.

3. Consider the characteristics of inmates of Paradise and try to imitate them

The Qur'an and Sunnah describe the women of Paradise with certain qualities such as silk robe, large dark eyes, they sing to their husbands, etc. Try it, wear silk robes for your husband, use eye shadow to "enlarge" the eyes and sing to your husband.

4. Wear jewelry and dress up at home

From an early age girls adorn themselves with earrings and bracelets worn pretty dresses - as described in the Quran. As a wife, continue to use ornaments and beautiful dresses for your husband.

5. Joke and play with your husband

There is a secret: men are drawn to the light-hearted women who have a sense of humor. One day the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said to his associate Jabir that he married the woman who would make him laugh.

6. Thank the husband for what he does. Then thank him again

This is one of the most important methods as opposed to a characteristic of women in hellfire.

7. Do not relight the fire of the dispute in the house. Extinguish it simple "I'm sorry" even if it's not your fault

When you argue, you just add fuel to the fire. See how everything would be if you just say, "Look, I'm sorry. Let's not argue".

8. Always try to please your husband, he is the key to Paradise

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) taught us that every woman who dies in a state where her husband is pleased with her, enters Paradise.

9. Listen to and obey!

Obedience to your husband is Fard! Your husband - the head of the family. Let him feel it right and your respect.

10. Make dua to Allah that He has made your marriage and your relationship successful

All good - from Allah. Never forget to ask Allah Ta'ala for the blessing of your marriage that begins in this Dunya and continues - by the grace of Allah Ta'ala - in Paradise.

May Allah help all couples live a happy life. Amin.

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