Six Women You are not allowed to marry

Six Women You are not allowed to marry


Sometimes marriage with a woman is denied temporarily, under any circumstances. As there are no longer reasons preventing the marriage, the ban expires. Women, you are not allowed to marry temporarily, divided into six types:

1The woman, who was given three times "talaq" (divorce)

According to the provisions of Islam, thrice divorced woman has no right to marry her husband. This woman has to first marry another man, between them should occur the sexual act, and only if the husband divorces her or dies, the first husband will be entitled to re-enter into the marriage. Of course, while she must endure the period of iddah.

  2. The fifth wife

 A man who has four wives, it is prohibited to marry a fifth.

3. Marriage two sisters at the same time

It is forbidden to marry with sister, aunt or granddaughter of your wife. It does not matter whether by blood or milk kinship linked these women. A man will have the right to marry the sister or aunt of his wife, only in the case of a divorce from his wife or her death.

4. Alien spouse

In Islam, marriage to another man's wife is haram. A woman can be a wife of only one man and can marry her only after her husband would divorce her and after the period of iddah.

 5. The woman, who waits the period of iddah

Prohibits marriage with a woman who waits iddah period after divorce or the death of her husband.

 6. A woman who does not belong to the "people of the Book"

Muslim man is forbidden to marry idolater, fire-worshiper, an atheist or a follower of the different sects. The ban expires only if a woman accepts Islam.

Muslim has the right to marry a Jewish or Christian woman (according to some scholars). (Note: Hanafi scholars allow such marriage, although it is considered undesirable, but scientists Shafi prohibit). Nationality or citizenship of no significance. Marriage with a such woman is not encouraged, but not prohibited. But it is strictly forbidden to give a girl or woman a Jew or a Christian. If she has married, it is adultery.

Conclusion of marriage with persons who worship idols, animals, people, heavenly heavenly bodies and the forces of nature is haram. You can be married with them only after they repent and accept Islam.

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