Makeup In The Life Of A Muslim Woman. Personal Experience


Assalyamu Alaykum, sisters!

I receive a lot of messages that can raise the topic of facial and body make up, in general, all that does not apply to clothing. And today I want to write about it. I write about what I live. Perhaps that is why my records are so interesting for sisters. I'll tell you about the things that I use. And does it make me happier?

In my purse there are two things: mascara and blush. Do not use creams, and don't know how to use it and how to do it so smoothly that it was not noticeable on the face. I saw in my life only few girls who could do it that looked natural. On the rest all seemed to put it mildly, not very. Therefore, knowing that I will not succeed anyway, I did not even try to use it. Yes, and it's inconvenient - five times a day, use concealer after you take a bath. Better to eat more fruits and vegetables and sleep better that there was no need - to hide skin imperfections.

As for mascara, I use it with pleasure. It lengthens lashes and makes your eyes more expressive. The last couple of years I buy this mascara from DIOR.

I do not use lipstick only if colorless shine. A couple of times tried lipstick. Mom called me a monkey, my sister said that I look like a saleswoman. And in the face of my husband, when he looked at me with lipstick, I realized that this kind of experiment with cosmetics failed.

As for the eyebrows, according to Islam, it is not allowed to pluck eyebrows, unless it is separately growing hairs. That is not to change the shape of the eyebrows. I never pluck eyebrows. I like their shape and do not want to change anything. I love my eyebrows, as they are. Some sisters change the shape of their eyebrows, because they think of their lives change. Why?

Everyone has their own standards of beauty , look at the eyebrows Natalia Vodianova - she recognized standard of beauty around the world at the moment.

In Islam, it is impossible to paint nails, because ablution is not valid, if the nails are covered with varnish. Before I began to pray namaz, I painted my nails for days. Spent on an average of 3 hours per week. Whether I'm happier than now, when these 3 hours I spend on something more useful? I can say definitely - no. Attitudes of people, husband, relatives to me due to the fact that my nails now look natural? I can answer for sure - no. Sisters, may it is not important?

In my opinion, the face of any Muslim woman adorns:

1. A sincere smile. And she will be sincere only when the heart is free from envy, anger, hatred, and filled with love to the Creator, to relatives, friends and neighbors. Even the most skillful makeup can not hide an evil expression.

2. Cleanliness and neatness of dress. Especially for nails. Hands seem much nicer if nails neatly trimmed and everything under them, neatly cleaned.

3. Facial expression. Sometimes, passing shop windows, on the street, I notice on my face frown, and I become ashamed of my appearance.

Sisters, let us welcome own husbands with a friendly smile on face. And in free time to pray more, to cleanse our hearts from all evil, that sometimes prevents be a little happier. Let's smile more and try to find the same qualities in the character like the Prophet (peace be upon him) is. In my opinion, this method of finding happiness will cost us a lot cheaper and will be useful for us in both worlds.

Maybe we exaggerate the importance of makeup in our lives?

Masha Allah.

Author: Rimma

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