Mahr - a detailed review

Mahr - a detailed review


This material values ​​that are necessary to give a girl or woman who wishes to become his wife. Regardless of the amount of mahr must be paid compulsary. Here the main thing - to determine the number, type, and then to give the woman.

 Mahr is not a condition of Nikah, but it is as necessary as the contents of the family. Therefore, Nikah, produced without specifying mahr, to be valid, but the woman in this case is entitled to an amount of mahr, which made payable in the area where fulfilled Nikah. This is called "mahr misli."

Hanafi said that nikah without mahr although valid, but undesirable. In addition, after the marriage payment of mahr becomes wajib (properly). However, according to the regulations of the other three schools of thought, without specifying mahr nikah is invalid. Therefore, we must take it seriously and discuss the amount or type of mahr at the time of Nikah.

In our days many families and young people know nothing about mahr, and therefore the act of marriage commit, not reviewing the number and type of mahr. Payment of the mahr is fard, because Allah commands:

"And give the women [upon marriage] their [bridal] gifts graciously. But if they give up willingly to you anything of it, then take it in satisfaction and ease." (Surah An-Nisa, 4/4)

Depending on the payment or the issuance of the mahr is divided into two types:

1. Mahr mugadzhal. This mahr, is paid immediately after marriage.

2. Mahr muadzhal. This mahr, is paid at a later time. Of course, under the terms of the Sunnah, it is desirable to pay the mahr immediately after the nikah, but if not possible, it can be postponed to a later time.

If the scheduled time of payment, the mahr to be paid within this period, if the time is not defined - after divorce or death.

Misli mahr (mahr, the amount of which is determined by local customs)

Close relatives of the girls take into account the number and type of mahr, which got her relatives, and on this basis to appoint her mahr. If it's not possible to determine the appropriate amount of mahr for the bride, then take into account the traditions and customs of other countries.

In the following cases, the woman acquires the right to receive mahr:

1) after having sexual intercourse;

2) after the sudden death of a spouse;

3) if the spouses remain alone with each other. In the books of fiqh is called "khalvat Sahih."

Mahr belongs personally to the girl or woman married to a man. If parents or close relatives of the girls got the money from the groom and spend it on shopping for her, the money belongs to the mahr.

It is strictly forbidden to the parents or relatives of the girl to take the money for their own needs. In this case, these funds is similar interest will be considered haram.

Sane and adult woman can give Mahr to her husband, or in the event of his death his relatives. In this matter no one has the right to stop her. If a woman wants, she has the right to present Mahr to her parents.

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