Important tips for pregnant Muslim women and for those who are planning to have children


The note will be interesting for girls who are pregnant or are just planning to child. Because I want to tell you how to prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the skin that usually appear during the interesting position.

I myself have very dry skin, and when Alhamdullilyah, I got pregnant, I immediately thought of my skin type, is the first in the area of ​​risk stretch marks. I also knew that if they appear, I'll never get rid of them, it is very difficult and almost impossible. Therefore, they are easier to prevent than to think how to get rid of.

So when I had a period of 1.5 months, I went to the store for a cream for stretch marks. The girl shop assistant looked askance at me, of course, asking the question, not whether you had come early for it, because little time, yet she sold the most expensive ones. Those who have children know this brand (AVENT), in this brand good teats and bottles for babies.

I have to say, this cream I did not like, first of all, it was enough for me barely a month, and secondly, it is not enough to moisturize the skin, third - the price is very expensive. This option does not fit me.

It is sold in pharmacies as a cream or liquid form. So, it is better to take the form of a spray. One tube is sufficient for 4.5 months, that is for the whole pregnancy I bought 2 pieces.

Oil should be applied to those places that are increased during pregnancy on the chest, abdomen, hips (as the outside and inside). Every day. Preferably two times a day (morning and evening). Because of this I have not one stretch marks after pregnancy and childbirth. Some sisters say it is useless, they still appear, and there is no difference whether you are using a cream or not. But when you ask them whether they use anything, they confidently answer, of course, once a week. But this is not enough, we must do it regularly, every day, for 9 months.

The midwife, who led our courses on pregnancy and childbirth, conducted an experiment: when she was pregnant with the first child, she used the cream, and second pregnancy – no. So, after the first pregnancy, she had not a single stretch marks, after the second, stretch marks appeared on the chest and abdomen. After her story, I was finally convinced of the correctness of my decision.

All of us breastfeeding our children, and this part of the body droops to the end of the feeding (usually after a median of 2 years), girls, you know what I'm talking about. So, to avoid this, you need to wear a special bra. I put it on, as I learned that I’m pregnant.

Bra for pregnant and lactating

There are separate for pregnant women, and there are 2 in 1 - and for pregnant and lactating. I immediately bought 2 in 1, and have not regretted. It looks like a regular bra, but a cup consists of two parts, one of which can detach and feed the baby. I bought a pair - black and white. Alternated them throughout the feeding time and did not remove about 2 months after my daughter stopped breast feeding. I wore it 24 hours a day, slept in it. To be honest, I am very tired of it for 3 years, I remember that day when I decided that they are no longer needed, in relief threw them in the trash and put on normal clothes.

But all my pain and suffering were not in vain, all remained in the same form as before pregnancy and childbirth.

Maybe my experience will be useful for you.

Sisters, I wish you to be beautiful for yourselves and your husbands at any moment of life!

Author: Just Rimma

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