How to take care of the righteousness of the child before birth


Children who do not receive a proper education in accordance with Islam, over time, bring your parents a lot of trouble, they become a source of troubles and misfortunes. In addition, parents of such children have little chance to find happiness and eternal life. Therefore, undoubtedly, mom and dad should strive to instill in their child the qualities of a believer. But, unfortunately, very few people thought that the need to pay attention to this before birth.

The choice of a future father

The first brick in the upbringing of a righteous posterity need to lay when a Muslim woman gets married. When choosing a husband she should primarily take account of his fear of Allah. Because the Prophet (peace be upon him) said that when choosing a spouse, four factors are taken into account: wealth, beauty and religion. And succeeds the one who, in the first place, will look at the religiosity (Bukhari). Also there is a hadith which states: “When a man will come to you whose temper religiosity and you're happy, then give him your daughters. If you do not do so, there will be turmoil in the land”. Choice of spouse is very important because he will not only be her future husband, a mainstay in the life and the key to paradise, but also the father of your children. What kind of a father, a lot depends on the education of children. First, the head of the house - the husband. As the saying goes, where he leads, and there goes the family. Secondly, the husband plays an important role in child rearing. Of course, mother gives the first lessons of life, but this does not mean that the father did not accept any participation. Education is the responsibility of both spouses. Besides, we all know that children take the sample from parents. What they take from the father, who, for example, does not wake up for the morning namaz? In general, righteous parents – is the foundation, without which all other components of education is not a huge benefit.

Conceiving a child

Another contribution to the upbringing of the righteous child need to make during its planning, ie during intimacy with her husband, when there is an intention to conceive. Islamic scholar Al-Sha'rani said that “truly, when Allah Almighty creates a child by his power, his image depends on the state in which his parents were at the time of convergence”. So just before the convergence with the spouse need to read namaz - Sunnat two rak'at as it was narrated from Abu Shaiba. Also in the hadith of Rasulullah: “say “Bismillah” before intimacy”, and what you need to read the following prayer:


Care of the child in the womb

And the last important step is pregnancy. A pregnant woman should be directed to Allah, to devote most of her time worshipping Him. In practice, most often this does not happen. Many sisters unfortunately miss prayer, for example, when begin a toxicosis in the early stages of pregnancy. And what kind of child they want to give birth? Despite any difficulties, the prayer must be made. Moreover, for pregnant women, in our religion there is relief during prayer. During pregnancy, particularly the need to respect the lawful and beware of the forbidden, because it is born another life - the life of her unborn child. Also you need to read the Quran, then inshaAllah children will have strong Iman.

For those few moments you must pay each Muslim. Take care of the baby before birth will bring you a lot of fruit, both in this life and the next. And remember the words of the messenger of Allah and your deeds will cease after death and a few things can bring you benefit, among them – the righteous children who will make dua for forgiveness of your sins!

Hadidzhat Shihverdieva

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