How should a Muslim woman behave outside the home?



How should a Muslim woman behave outside the home?


It is necessary to control your views in a conversation with the men at work, in transport, at a meeting. Muslim, with some exceptions, can not look at those parts of a woman's body that are prohibited by the laws of Islam.

Women are required to wear a spacious and long clothes. They should not be transparent. Women dressed according to the laws of Islam are always cause involuntary respect from people. It is necessary to put aside gossip of people and think only about the commandments of Allah.

When talking and walking to comply with the measure. Allah commands: "If you fear Allah, then be not soft in speech, but speak in an honorable manner." [1]

The woman who talks to another man, should lead the conversation to a serious tone, avoiding any liberties and jokes.

A woman can wear beautiful and bright clothes in the family and among close relatives, the entry of which into marriage relations are prohibited in the Shariah. Of course, by their nature women love beautiful and elegant clothes that attract people's attention. Wearing elegant clothes is not prohibited by the laws of Islam, but in society, a woman should try not to attract attention.

In no case can not be alone with unfamiliar men, because it's forbidden, which stressed that in such cases, the third is Satan. [2]

Even when man and woman stay in one place by the exigencies, they should comply with the measure and be very careful, because a meeting without a necessary and long talks may lead to undesirable consequences.

Summarizing all the above, we can advise Muslim women all public works, festive activities were carried out only in human society.

[1] Surah Al-Ahzab, 33/32.

[2] Bukhari. Tors, 111.

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