Hijab is not an extremeness, but a duty

Hijab is not an extremeness, but a duty


Full of religious practice (which includes wearing hijabs for women) is often prevented by erroneous beliefs among ethnic Muslims. I emphasize ethnic, because new converts to Islam perceive hijab as granted and do not discuss this obligation. However, we can met among ethnic Muslims those who have a different opinion, contrary to the Shariah. In this article, we present arguments and counter-arguments for disagreed with the hijab people.

1. Hijab is extremeness 

If you have grown up among half-naked women who want to decorate theirselves and putting up the body in the "best" light ( which translates as "in a more seductive "), then of course hijab is extremeness for you. In such case it is impossible to understand how beautiful body and slim figure are in hijab. It is enought just to "absorb " these depraved images of women as a norm then hijab with it's closeness looks as an extremeness.

2. Hijab is not necessary, the main thing is to dress modestly

In this case "modesty" means wearing not vulgar clothes, but at the same time they do not cover all parts of a woman's body. It is a pity that we are not so modest in respect of worldly goods, "a foreign car is not necessary, the main thing it works", "eating to fill is not necessary , the main thing is not to be hungry", "a lot of money aren't necessary, the main thing is halal." One can cite the verse of the Qur'an: "Say to the believing women to lower their gaze and keep their modesty. And not to flaunt their beauty, not to dress up and make up so as to attract attention of strange men, besides just that is explicitly. They must throw a scarf on their chest. They mustn't display their beauty except to their husbands, relatives, servants or small children. And let no kicking, rattling their jewelery, and attracting by this attention of others to their female beauty. Believers, confess to God, and all, with no exception and perhaps you will succeed."

Allah defined face and hands as the minimum for us, the rest should be covered. Attempts to be cunning, to deceive others or themselves by " shortening" hijab or considering it is unnecessary will lead us to the future sorrows and misfortunes. The law of Allah is not like a legal law, which can be circumvented: the Most High knows not only explicit things but hidden ones also.

Then let's not try to argue with the Most High. After all, He has given us many joys and blessings, gave us equal rights with men's and made infringement of our rights forbidden. Let's answer to Allah with humility and obedience at least on this issue leaving unnecessary discussions and bringing them to the truth: the hijab is required.

3. Hijab is a national dress of the Arabs

Islam originated among the Arabs. However, this religion (like everything connected with it) is intended for all mankind. As well as the prayer is not Arab tradition or ritual the hijab is not only the responsibility of Arab women. It is designed for all Muslim women.

4. "We must come to it to put on for the sake of Allah"

While a human "goes" the number of his sins increase. And that "way" can end at any moment. The Hadith Qudsi said: "How many times have you put off repentance, day by day, year by year, and then you will not be deferred." Allow, Allah to each sister "came" to hijab before her death comes the most!

5. Hijab prevents to find a job, etc.

Wearing hijab does not preclude employment: on the contrary it helps identify those places where true Muslim woman can work. Allah will show you the best option if you trust Him. In the words of the Prophet Muhammad, sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam: "If you have relied on Allah properly, then He will send you the food as it sends the birds that fly in the morning with empty stomachs and come back with full ones."

Allah is the absolute ruler ,the Lord of the worlds. So do not worry about the affairs of the world, no one can prevent you from getting what he wants you to give.

6. Hijab is apparel for followers of Wahhabism

Approving such is not likely to have correct knowledge nor about Islam, or about Wahhabism. However gap in knowledge can be bridged by literacy campaign on these issues.

After all, to think that women who wears hijabs are "vahhabitks" is also wrong as to think that all members of the Mongoloid race are the Chinese.

They say clothes is a form of self-expression. This statement applies to the hijab. To wear hijab means acknowledging that you are true Muslim women, a decoration of billionth Ummah. However, the hijab is asilent appeal to others, a reminder of the Most High!

Therefore, the issue of hijab does not sound for many as "wear or not to wear", but mainly as "who I am." According to this answer ("Muslim", "woman of the world", "the daughter of her nation" etc.) will depend on what you choose to wear: business suit, modest outfits with national elements or for all that hijab.

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