Health as a gift of Allah


Recently among Russian Muslims is growing more and more supporters of home births, refusing blood transfusions and vaccinations. Try to figure out how this is reasonable and acceptable from the point of view of Islam.

Narrated, as the prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) once turned to God: "O Allah! From whom the disease?" - "From Me", was the answer. "And from whom the medicine?" - asked the prophet. "From Me", - was said to him. "Why, then, doctor?" - Wondering, said Ibrahim (peace be upon him). "The doctor - a person into whose hands I relegate medicine (give healing)", - said the Almighty Allah.

Home birth

Bear a child and give birth without complications nowadays extremely difficult. Uterine rupture with subsequent bleeding, malposition, when there is an urgent need for caesarean section - just some of the complications arise. Allah has facilitated us childbirth by doctors and modern equipment. It is better to use. In the hospital newborn examination, immediately make the necessary vaccinations. On the other hand, the families of the house without preparation and the presence of a qualified person always carry a greater risk of an unfavorable result for mother and child.

Make the right decision in selecting the optimal method of delivery is not possible without consultations with specialists: making sure that the child is in cephalic presentation, no multiple cord entanglement, the placenta does not cover the internal os of the uterus, blood clotting in the normal range. Some Muslim women unite and organize training courses for childbirth at home. But is it enough to be obtained here knowledge to make responsible decisions and emergency care at the right time?


About vaccinations and compulsory vaccination against various diseases, there are many opinions. Opponents usually refer to the following reasons:

- Commercial - pharmacological corporations impose their useless outdated vaccine population solely for profit,
- Conspiracy - vaccine secret world powers controlling the abundance and fertility of a population,
- Medical - vaccines are useless because becoming obsolete and has no time for mutations of pathogens dangerous in cases of complications
- Household - vaccines are harmful and dangerous to health as the official information about them there is practically no.

Member of the Council of the Ulema of the Spiritual administration of the Muslims of Tatarstan Rustam hazrat Nurgaliev

Permissible to give birth at home if they are accompanied by qualified technical support and expertise. This practice exists in many countries. If there is a midwife, earlier - granny midwife, who may solve the problem in a difficult situation, then it probably is. The spread of this phenomenon contribute to cases of corruption in our system of health, the so-called "pay for deliveries". The entire responsibility before Allah will be on the person making a choice, where to give birth at home or in the hospital. In any case, endanger the unborn child is not acceptable.

Blood transfusion is not desirable unless it is accompanied by the application of less harm to remove the greater harm. I myself and many of my friends Muslims donated blood donations unpaid many times. Blood donation, as well as any other body, such as the kidneys, must not harm the donor and carry no commercial benefit. God has said in the Qur'an: "Verily, We showed respect and compassion to the human race". If so, how blood and other human organs can be traded? Blood of a Muslim is no different from a non-Muslim blood. It does not bear in itself any sins. Therefore it is unacceptable to refuse a blood transfusion when it is really important for health.

There is a hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), which states: "The Almighty has sent the disease and the cure for every disease". The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) called "Heal!" There are verses which says: "Do not throw yourselves to perdition". In other words, if you have a disease, you need to be treated. If you do not do this consciously, you are committing a sin. Of course, if there is a choice whose blood take, better to prefer the blood of healthy, Muslim who do not drink alcohol and tobacco.

Trend of rejection of vaccination should not be connected with religion. Simultaneously with the emergence of expert opinions about a particular issue appear followers of these opinions. Some experts have expressed such an opinion, not all vaccines that are prescribed in the clinic for children, are urgently needed. There is a possibility that some of these vaccines only commercial projects. When they sound similar proposals about vaccination before making a decision in detail, you can read more about this information to learn about the real benefits of vaccination.

Hasan Khusainov

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