Doctors say: Muslim women do the right thing!

Doctors say: Muslim women do the right thing!


With the onset of summer heat women threw off their almost all their clothes. Seeing a woman in the street, dressed by Shariah, they often say: "How can you dress like that? Are not you hot?" However, doctors do not share their opinions and argue that it is a closed clothes - the best in the heat.

A dietitian Nadejda Melnychuk recommends that all women take the example of Muslim women.

- Do not try to undress in the heat, take the example of the residents of UAE as clothing should cover the body, - she says. - In addition, it is necessary to cover the heads in the heat. If the head is overheated, you can get sunstroke.

Hair also must be hidden from the sun, because the heat and radiation is dangerous for them.

 Under the influence of high temperatures hair lose moisture, rapidly become noticeably drier. Ultraviolet light destroys the top layer of hair - the cuticle. A damaged cuticle does not perform a protective function to the full, the hair is hard to lose elasticity, poorly stacked appear split ends. Under the action of ultraviolet, pigments of hair destroyed, so the hair grows lighter hair "fade" and sometimes burn out, experts-cosmetologists say from the company "Green Mama".

Physicians advise to choose not tight clothing made of natural fabrics, which will close the skin from the sun's harmful rays, and will enable any air flow to cool the body. Tight clothing on the contrary, leads to overheating.

"Undressing under the sun, contrary to general opinion, also cause hyperthermia. The matter is that the body sweats in the heat, sweat cools the skin, and when the sweat evaporates under direct sunlight, the body starts to overheat. Clothing preventing the evaporation of sweat and thus cools the body," - say the authors of the documentary film "Secrets of survival".

- Risk of heat lies in the fact that almost all of the enzyme systems are configured to the same point lability, which fluctuates around 37 degrees, - tells the doctor transfusiologist Andrey Zvonkov. An increase in temperature immediately activates all the biochemical processes that are not the best way affects on health. If overheating becomes too strong, and cellular processes are terminated, and the body simply dies. And to revive it in the event of death from overheating is very difficult, almost impossible.

Overheating leads to increased blood viscosity. An organism strives to keep the temperature not above 37 degrees and therefore actively sweats. You lose a lot of water, the blood becomes thicker, there is the threat of thrombosis. Especially dangerous is a condition for people with chronic inflammation and office workers, leading a sedentary lifestyle."

In addition, the sun's rays cause premature skin aging.

- The skin retains elasticity due to elastin and collagen - a kind of "springs", which consists of protein. A special enzyme, which normally creates collagen, during the sun begins to break down," explains the presenter of the program "Health", Elena Malysheva.

Also the appearance of wrinkles is accelerated because of  what is happening in the heat of dehydration of the skin. Losing moisture, the skin starts to peel, and wrinkles become more visible.

Therefore, a Muslim woman, hide their body spacious clothing, proceed absolutely correct from the point of view of medicine for a long time thus maintaining youth and beauty.

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