Devoted To A Woman


Family is the warmest place on Earth, and each keeps her secrets of happiness. Here are extracts from the diary of a young woman who took notes, staying right-believing wife, to build her happiness with her husband and not to lose herself in the other person:

I've recently realized that I have to try to find positive and strengths sides of husband to sincerely respect and honor him with joy, and if it is necessary - selflessly fulfill all my obligations to the spouse, but without the creation of the last idol. God is always on the first place.

I like to obey wise decisions of my husband, which are complementary to Islam, but I also remember about myself as a developing personality. I do not forget that I must live not only by the ideas and objectives of the spouse, but also to follow halal personal needs, to realize my uniqueness and ability over not to lose myself in a relationship. Islam appreciates personal worth, it encourages the development and intellect. But these norms logically apply to women.

I read somewhere that for basic human well-being, you must meet four basic needs of the body, sex, sleep, food, safety. Woman who helps her husband in their implementation, undoubtedly, will make her favorite happy with her presence in his life.

Everyone feels the need for love. Even if passion, care, attention, support, warmth of relations, sensitivity, compassion passed, responsiveness will open the gates of good family. I like to remember the hadith, "O Aisha! Be good with everyone, for Allah Almighty opens the gates to a good home where kindness reigns".

Every man wants to be first, so it is important to praise own husband, it is reasonable to admire him, because behind every great man is a woman.

Man and woman are two halves, they form a complete, harmonious design only together.


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