Co-sleeping with husband



Co-sleeping with husband


Sleeping together or separately?

In this regard, people are divided into two camps: some say that you need to sleep separately, while others - only for co-sleeping. Most often, the separation of beds hardest to give to the wife, rather than the husband. As for women bed together - it's not just a place to sleep, but they feel more psychological relationship with her husband. Men are less sentimental and relate to the bed just as a place to sleep.

Scientists and psychologists also explore the theme. And the approach to this issue from different sides. Some believe that in the case when one spouse suffers from snoring and the other can not stand it, or it makes it difficult to fall asleep, in that case recommend to separate sleep.

Another important factor is what size bed. If the couple tighten each other blanket, pushing, without end tossing and turning in the sleep, thus not allowing each other to sleep.

There is also an ethical side of the issue. In the morning, people tend to wake up with spiky hair, unbrushed teeth, and similar details. Thus, the intrigue between the spouses dies away. This is especially important for women. Where it is always better to appear before her husband coiffed and in normal clothes.

Many psychologists also believe that separate sleep adversely affects the relationship between the spouses. So, while co-sleeping, the couple more opportunities to show their love and affection with hugs and touches. Supporters of separate sleep deprive themselves of this opportunity. So, over time, grow apart. Others say that the separate sleeping, on the contrary, adds interest in the marital relationship. It is possible to feel the impossibility of the second half.

Whatever it was, everyone agreed on the opinion that the lack of sleep and insomnia provoke psychological and cardiovascular problems. Sleepy person has a bad mood, blood pressure fluctuations, lethargy, does not have any interest in what is happening.

Sleeping together or separately - only you can decide. But still, if you can not give another chance peaceful co-sleeping, then maybe it is worth to think about the division of the bed.

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