Abortion (Idzhad)

Abortion (Idzhad)

In modern times the worldwide cases of abortion (miscarriage). Earlier in the Islamic world, such facts were considered out of the ordinary.

In the past Muslim women rejoiced the appearance of the child, especially honorable was considered to have many children. Recently, however, many are thinking about abortion.

The issues we raise very relevant in today's world, some began to say that abortion is Allowed or undesirable. Before disclosing the subject, we want to remind the hadith of prophet Muhammad.

"Marry and getting married, Be fruitful, increase, because I will be proud of you in front of other communities" (cited in " Sunan " Nasaai).

The Prophet (peace be upon him) commanded us to get married, have children, and to increase our Muslim Ummah, and he (peace be upon him) would be proud of us in front of the other communities. The first person to whom Allah will resurrect the Day of Judgment, will be our Prophet (peace be upon him). He will be shown the different communities: the Prophet, whom one or two people, a great community, and he (peace be upon him) asks, "Is this my ummah?" and Gabriel (peace be upon him) would say that this Ummah of Musa (peace be upon him). And he's shown even greater Ummah, which seems to never end, and he (peace be upon him) will ask if it's his Umma, and Gabriel (peace be upon him) say: «This is your Umma. After the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "I'm proud of you at that day". This hadeeth encourages us not to have abortions, it encourages us to have more children. Therefore, Islam encourages to marry, have children, and rejects a celibate lifestyle. In the hadith:

"The curse of Allah on those men who do not marry (being able to), and for those women who do not marry" ("Sunan" Abu Dawud).

According to Sharia allowed to protect ourselves (to use condoms, spirals, etc.) if this is necessary (for example, poor health of wife and other justifiable reasons), but not because the person is afraid of poverty. To confirm our words will quote the words of Uthman ibn Affan, the third righteous caliph (peace be upon him):

"We did "azl" (i.e. used contraception), and the Quran was sent down (and that's not forbidden)".

If a woman became pregnant, but there is a need for abortion and pregnancy did not last for more than four months, it can be done (as given in the "Raddul-Mukhtar", Volume 2, page 411, "Fathul-Qadir", v. 2, pp. . 495).

After the fourth month of pregnancy, abortion is strictly forbidden, as it is considered to be under sharia killing people. (Ibn Abidin, "Raddul-Mukhtar", v. 5, p 410, "Fathul-Qadir", Volume 4, page 153).

Therefore, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

"Marry woman giving birth and loving".

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