Abortion and Muslim woman



Abortion and Muslim woman

1.200.000 - this is the number of abortions in Russia for a year, according to official statistics. The real number of abortions in Russia - from 5 to 12 million per year. When the birth rate of 1 million 700 thousand children a year, the number of abortions is three times the number of children who were born.

According to official statistics, Russia abortion now is about 60% of all pregnancies. Unregistered abortions, according to some doctors, is about the same... After abortion, about 8% of women become infertile. Currently about 15% of the families are not able to conceive a child. Infertility, thus, has become a social problem in Russia.

Abortion is the murder of defenseless child in the womb. Abortion - this is the most brutal and cynical murder.

Allah gave us life, and nobody has the right to take it. Why do modern women, doctors and others are partakers of this terrible operation thought themselves arbiters of lives?

People have lost their compassion. Most abortions occur due to the fact that people want to live in freedom, do not want to burden themselves with no obligations. People like to hang out, spend time with friends, drink and be merry.

In Islam, abortion is forbidden act. Except when it is seriously threatening the life of the mother. And such cases are very few. I know a lot of sisters who can not have children for a variety of reasons. And, perhaps, they would have given birth to their child, even under pain of death. After all, for women there is no greater happiness than to be a mother.

Abortion adversely affects the condition of woman. Often this leads to infertility, develop women's diseases. Also affects the psycho-emotional condition of woman. A woman becomes irritable, dissatisfied with their life, depression, insomnia.

Some couples or single women are going to have an abortion, fearing that they could not feed their children. Allah says in the Qur'an: "Do not kill your children for fear of poverty. We provide for them and for you. Indeed, their killing is ever a great sin" (Surah Al Isra, verse 31).

One abortion may leave a mark on all of your future life. One mistake can cost an accident, childless and a joyless future. Many young couples, did not hesitate to take this step, thinking that everything is still ahead. But Allah sees everything, and if you will not suffer punishment in this world, in another world, you certainly will suffer the consequences for the murder of your little baby, who really wanted to live.

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