04 July 2013 8:44
Modern Muslim woman - what is she?
Modern Muslim woman... What is she? Submissive wife, following the commandment of her Lord, caring mother who teaches children the laws of Islam, studious daughter, daughter-in modest, loyal friend
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28 June 2013 7:34
Women in Arab society
 Woman in most of the Arab tribes before Islam had no rights, and attitudes were at least contemptuous and derogatory. She was received together with the rest of the property, and the eldest son of the deceased had the right to marry the wife of the father
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28 June 2013 7:07
Co-sleeping with husband
In this regard, people are divided into two camps: some say that you need to sleep separately, while others - only for co-sleeping. Most often, the separation of beds hardest to give to the wife, rather than the husband
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27 June 2013 7:15
How should a Muslim woman behave outside the home?
It is necessary to control your views in a conversation with the men at work, in transport, at a meeting. Muslim, with some exceptions, can not look at those parts of a woman’s body that are prohibited by the laws of Islam
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26 June 2013 8:29
Abortion and Muslim woman
According to official statistics, Russia abortion now is about 60% of all pregnancies. Unregistered abortions, according to some doctors, is about the same...
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25 June 2013 10:07
Six Women You are not allowed to marry
Sometimes marriage with a woman is denied temporarily, under any circumstances. As there are no longer reasons preventing the marriage, the ban expires. Women, you are not allowed to marry temporarily, divided into six types:
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11 June 2013 7:53
I did not lose my modesty!
Umm Hallad (may Allah be pleased with her) was one of the Medina Associates of the Prophet (sallallaahu ’alaihi wa sallam). She sent her son Hallad to battle with the Jews of Banu Qurayza
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10 June 2013 9:29
10 types of women
Know that all women - ten types, and the behavior of each of them is similar to the behavior of some animals. One - as a pig, the second - like a monkey, the third - the dog, the fourth - a snake, a fifth - ass, the sixth like a scorpion
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