10 types of women

10 types of women


Know that all women - ten types, and the behavior of each of them is similar to the behavior of some animals. One - as a pig, the second - like a monkey, the third - the dog, the fourth - a snake, a fifth - ass, the sixth like a scorpion, the seventh - on the mouse, the eighth - the bird, the ninth - a fox and a tenth - a sheep.

The explanation of this: the woman, whose behavior is like a pig, is the one that don't know how to do well, but a search for food, to fatten the stomach and thrown furniture. She does not think about where will she go, do not pay attention to the faith, prayer and fasting, does not remember a death threat and a promise, reward and punishment, and the prohibition behest, she even forgets about the contentment of Allah and His Wrath, does not care about children and educates them, not teaching them the Qur'an and Science, walking in dirty clothes, and she hass bad smell.

The one whose behavior is like a monkey - is the one who dress up in colorful dresses, yellow, red and green colors and wear precious stones, to adorn themselves with gold and silver, exalting in front of their friends and elevating their position in the the eyes of her husband, although it may be that its position is the opposite of that.

The one whose character is like a dog - this is the one who attacks on her husband if he starts talking to her, shouting and arguing with him, and barks at him like a dog. And when she sees that the purse of her husband full of gold and silver in her house wealth, wheat, fruits, she accept him well and reaches out to him, saying: «For you I give my soul. May Allaah be pleased with you! I am ready to die for you and when things are not so, she, like a dog, pounce on him, covers him with insults, humiliates him and drives him out of the house, blames his poverty, and does not remain silent any day.

The one who looks like a snake - she says to her husband, affectionate speech, by hiding from him wrong, and did not see anything good in him. She is like a snake because of gentle bite, and sight of the tender, but at the same time she causes suffering.

The one who looks like an ass - she is stubborn, who, if stopped on the bridge, she will not go away, no matter how much you beat her either. She is stubborn, always remains unconvinced, proud of herself.

The one who is like a scorpion, goes from house to house her neighbors with gossip and slander, listening to their words, sow enmity between them and discord, like a scorpion that no matter where he was, she stings with her stings and is not afraid of the Lord.

The Messenger of Allah said about them: "Gossip Girl will not enter Paradise".

The one who looks like a mouse - is a thief, that opens the purse of her husband, and stealing from him and hiding the stolen things in the homes of neighbors.

The one who is like a bird - is the one who turns the whole day and does not rest on her own motion. And she says to her husband: "Where are you going? There is no doubt in the fact that I do not need you. You love another woman. And you're not honest with me and do not feel sorry for me".

The one who is like a fox - is the one who throws her husband out of the house, and every time he sees him in the house, sleeps and faking sick, and when her husband comes into the house, opens up the gates of hostility, begins to argue with him, and says to him: "You left me sik alone at home".

The one who is like a sheep - is a blessed woman, gentle as a lamb, and she is righteous, compassionate to her husband, neighbors, residents of the house and children. This is a woman with lots of benefits and she is obedient to her Supreme Lord.

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