27 March 2014 11:49
'Islam Has Made Me The Man I Am Today'
He says Islam is important to him, adding that he “wouldn’t be half the man I am today without my faith
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19 February 2014 12:27
Nail Yakupov On Being A Muslim In The NHL
My goal is to play in the NHL. It’s № 1 priority. It doesn’t matter what team am I on. I just spent 3 years in Canada and I really like this country. I’ve fallen in love with it
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17 February 2014 11:15
NHL: Muslim Nazem Kadri Is Emerging From The Background As One Of The Best
The night that his wife went into labour with their second child, Kadri was stuck at work and got a call from his brother asking him to get to the hospital immediately
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31 October 2013 12:35
The first bodybuilder-Muslim champion
The talented 33-year-old from Sheffield was soon asked to enter competitions, and at 29 he won the International Federation of Body Builders title, making him Britain’s first Muslim professional bodybuilder
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17 October 2013 12:15
"I Don’t Drink Because I’m Muslim"
Premier League Muslim superstar Yaya Toure has turned down a “man-of-the-match” alcohol bottle prize for being banned under his Islamic faith
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27 September 2013 12:07
Prophet Muhammad Inspires Man Utd Striker
Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez Balcazar has expressed admiration of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him)
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18 September 2013 12:15
Islam in 2014 FIFA World Cup
Taking advantage of the media attention of the global event, Muslim organizations in Brazil are coordinating efforts to introduce the true message of Islam to millions of visitors during next year’s football world cup
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17 September 2013 16:07
Muslim Gives Up Football For Hajj
Getting a break in the prime of his career, an American Muslim footballer has capped a month-long journey across the United States with the life-time journey to Makkah to perform hajj
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13 September 2013 12:37
Muslim Culture on English Football Pitches
Craving their names as stars in the premier league, Muslim players are increasingly affecting the English football culture, with fasting the holy month of Ramadna and prayer accommodation taking growing attention of fans
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11 September 2013 11:35
Frederic Kanouté has volunteered to help a disabled British Muslim man
Former Premier League super striker Frederic Kanouté has volunteered to help a disabled British Muslim man pay his extra care to ensure he can properly observe the holy month of Ramadan
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05 September 2013 13:35
Muslim football player Bilal Franck Ribery wins top Europe Award
Bayern Munich’s French Muslim football player Bilal Franck Ribery has been named the best player in Europe in the 2012/13 season, beating Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo
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20 June 2013 11:28
Famous footballer Kaka: The Holy Quran is beyond human words
A player of Spain’s football Club Riyal Madrid “Ricardo Kaka” said that the words of Holy Quran are beyond human words, rather they are a miracle
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28 May 2013 9:16
Husain Abdullah, who gave up football to take Muslim pilgrimage, is back in NFL
The famous footballer Husain Abdullah at the peak of his career left football for Hajj along with his family.A year later, Husain returned in the National Football League with new forces
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16 May 2013 7:48
German football club build mosque for Muslims
MUNICH – Helping their players to fulfil their religious duties, German football giants Bayern Munich have decided to build a mosque to help Muslim footballers to perform their prayers
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