Why people’s heart is restless?



Why people’s heart is restless?


Today one can often hear and moreover, from people of the older generation, not alien to religion, they say, wealth - a way to achieve all the goals. I dare to argue no, not all! One has a luxury apartment, an expensive car, and the owner of all this finds no peace, no peace in the family. It seems that everything your heart desires is, but the people have no peace of mind. This seems to be a disease of our century.

Some may argue, it is not enough to read the Quran, it is necessary to take care of the mundane, a family to feed, house obihazhivat. Allah has commanded us to earn a daily bread righteous ways, with a belief in the soul.

Once a wealthy man was asked to assist in the amount of 10,000 rubles for the publication of religious literature. He said:

Now you see that big shop and two or three blocks another. They belong to me and bring monthly income of ten million, and now I'm going to open another sales point I need two million, I have solve to this problem, so I have no money.

The man in the pursuit of profit completely forgot about the upcoming afterlife. It is known that the Supreme helps in solving the problems of life only to those who never forget the future life...

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