Why do people suffer?

Why do people suffer?


Why do people suffer? Mankind is searching for an answer to this question during all the years of its existence.

Patience and pain is an integral part of human life, all of which being associated with the difficulties, the state of dissatisfaction with ourseleves and what surrounds us. All his life he is in two states - contentment or misery.

What is the meaning of suffering, because of what and for what purpose they come into our lives? Islam says that one of the causes of human suffering is to evade the straight path, that is preached heavenly Scripture. That is, moving away from a reasonable harmonious life, given by the Creator, one's own cause harm and from this suffering. "And whatever strikes you of disaster - it is for what your hands have earned; but He pardons much. And you will not cause failure [to Allah ] upon the earth. And you have not besides Allah any protector or helper" (The Quran, 42: 30-31)

Suffering often have an important goal - someone to return to God, and raise some of the high degree of perfection in this life, and raise the level of their spiritual superiority in Paradise.

Suffering erase the traces of sins in the soul, purifying it from the contamination of previous offenses. «When Allah predetermines His servant high position, which he can not achieve his business, Allah tests his...» (hadith)

If a believer is worthy to endure trials, they become a source of courage and inner growth. Feeling the moral and physical suffering, one is purified of sins and he seemed reborn anew.

However, suffering can not only open the way to improve the spirit, increase the internal strength, erect a person to a higher level of cognition of self-knowledge and the world, but can embitter, enter into depression.

Aware of our misfortunes, sent down as a test through which God takes us for our own salvation from the punishment of the Day of Judgment, we will inevitably think about why exactly we got in trouble and what we have sinned. 

One man complained one righteous man on drought, and he said to him, «Ask forgiveness from Allah».

Another complained to him on poverty and he said to him: "Ask forgiveness from Allah."

Another said him: "Ask Allah for that He has given me posterity." He replied: "Ask forgiveness from Allah."

Another complained to him that his garden dried up. He replied: "Ask forgiveness from Allah."

We asked him about it and he said, "I did not say anything on my own.

Verily Allah says in Sura "Nuh":

"Ask your Lord for forgiveness, because He Is all-Forgiving. He delivers you from the sky, heavy rains, will support you with wealth and children, raise up for you gardens and will create for you a river."

Happiness - is the internal state! Learn how to keep the inner world of benevolent patience, prayer, fasting and good deeds, in spite of the problems, then you will be happy and will have a good heart. Your happiness is in your hands! I wish you good luck, patience, and God bless!

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