When children ask about God

When children ask about God


City of Washington (USA) - "If God created everything, sun, trees, earth, ... who created God?" "Where was I, until God created me?"

Zainab, my 5-year-old daughter, asks me a lot of questions about faith, God and her purpose in life. She is now in this amazing, trembling age, when her universe is expanding capacity at lightning speed.

As children of all faiths, she begins to appreciate the spiritual elements of her worldly experience - enjoying, for example, that, according to Islam, the angels sitting on her right and left shoulders, writing down all the good things and the bad things that she does. She likes that God sees everything and protects her from the dangers that she does not even know. She likes that everything, even the seemingly senseless, flows into a single meaningful whole.

As a parent, my purpose is preservation of innocence and purity understanding of faith the same pleasant and wonderful as it is now. Although I realize how hard it will be.

I remember myself at her age. It was an anxious time of innocence and vulnerability. But I also remember when for me these questions concerning faith have become more complex.

I'm afraid that one day Zainab asks me: "Why do they hate us?”

As a teenager, it was the main lesson that helped me cope with the temptations, which yielded many of my peers.

And in the days, months and years after the events of 11/09 is the confidence in the existence of God has helped me overcome it all. I knew that the teachings of Islam has been perverted by terrorists, concerned with their own political goals.

Omniscience of God is also the reason why I continued to feel comfortable and confident, even when other people look at me with suspicion.

As an American parent, a Muslim, I am faced with the consequences of 11/09. But as the parent of any other faith, I want my daughter found in her faith a place of comfort and security, which will be a refuge from the violence.

In this way, I'm not alone. I learned from my friends and colleagues of other faiths that they are too facing this in the education of children in the spiritual part. Each of us is faced with our own problems, but exchanging experiences and learning from each other, we can create a safe haven for our children.

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