Three features of the Muslims, who like to read namaz

Three features of the Muslims, who like to read namaz


1 - Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) showing us the goal that we must achieve, said that he was in paradise 100 times, and the degree of paradise Firdaus is the highest in paradise. He said: "When you ask Allah's paradise, ask Firdaus" - with these words the Prophet (peace be upon him) stressed the need to try more.

In addition, the Messenger of Allah taught to ask Allah for even more than Firdaus and showed in praeyers what and how believers can ask from Allah. The prayers that have become familiar to us through the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him): "o Lord, fill our souls desire to look at Your beauty, make our hearts inflamed desire for reunification with You in the next life magnify us with Your beauty» - we say during sunrise and sunset.

To understand the truth of prayer, need to exercise more diligence. We must ask Allah the same love and peace in worship as that of noble progenitors (selef salihun). Perhaps each of us has to say: "O Allah, give me the same understanding in namaz that you have given the Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam), fill my soul with meaningful prayer. Lord, I wish to pray in the same way as committed the prophet, and I want to experience this prayer all the particles of myself. I wish to close completely from all thoughts but thoughts of You and immerse myself in prayer. O Allah, give me the grace."

Such prayer will not work for nothing, if you say it with a desire and persistently.

2 - the desire to comprehend the truth of prayer should be in the form of verbal and heart request. The facts of this prayer in the first place are the works written on the subject. A believer who wishes to pray filled with emotions, if not read 3-5 books related to the topic and neglect the theoretical side of the question, it is unlikely that it can be sincere in his request.

3 - be constant in verbal and effective prayers. In order to achieve the desired result should be stable and sustainable behavior. Active patient step by step go to the target is an important prerequisite in achieving the goal. Love to prayer asking for may not come right away. A man in a few days, months, and even years can not help but feel the truth of prayer. It is therefore important to continue to be persistent in prayer and conditions that will help to achieve the goal.

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