The wealth and prosperity: benefit or harm ...

The wealth and prosperity: benefit or harm ...


In several surahs of the Holy Quran property condition of the person called «Khair» (the good, the benefit, alms), and in those places where we are talking about the hajj, sunset and compensation for them from Allah. Veneration of the hajj, the sunset and the charity and compliance with them is the cause of the exaltation of the property of the material well-being of the slaves of Allah Ta'ala.

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) in a hadith said, "Cada fikru en Yakuna kүfran" that is, "From Poverty to unbelief just one step.” It also emphasized the importance of material wealth. Property, condition may be the cause or a reason to commit good deeds and charitable endeavors. The property itself and its components are worthless, because everything in this world, and all his goods are transient, are fragile. The result of all that exists on earth is well known and is associated with death, which is inevitable. However, the benefits of eternal life are infinite and it is infinite.

The ultimate goal of the children of Adam is to believe in Allah Ta'ala, to worship Him, and thereby cleanse the body and soul, to seek eternal happiness and inexhaustible wealth. From this point of view the property and the state are just a tool, or a mediator to achieve this desired goal, and because it is given importance in the Sharia the Quran defines it as "good.”

At the same time, the state or the property can be used and is aimed at illicit affairs, and various low-lying, criminal purposes. Of course, if the person does not have a certain condition, he can not to carry out malicious, sinful and unworthy acts. But the person - the owner of the status and property able to do these disgusting and shameful deeds. It is from this side of the state and wealth are in the Holy Quran to harsh criticism and condemnation, and in some verses they belong even in the category of "the Troubles" and "enemy."

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