The spread of gossip - the gravest sin, Part 2

The spread of gossip - the gravest sin, Part 2


According to Shariah the spread of gossip about a person, the detailed story of someone's persona that was not there in reality, the humiliation of a person in his absence - a very great sin, and of course, this is strictly forbidden. Not only this, the devout can not even think about the bad neighbor. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) in one of the hadith says: Whiperer is not rewarded with paradise." Tatar folk wisdom says: "Әytkәn sүz - atkan yk" (literally, "The spoken word - an arrow shot from a bow"). That is what you have shared language, will not return.  In the 18th verse of Surah "Qaf" the Holy Quran says: "When the word is spoken, it will be marked by an angel. "The Quran calls not to follow those who spread gossip and do not listen to their words. In verses 10-11 Surah "Nun" stressed, "do not obey every worthless habitual swearer, [And] scorner, going about with malicious gossip."

 And yet, according to Sharia it is allowed to provide information about another person, if the person writes a complaint against the tyranny perpetrated by the head towards him. Or when he goes to court to seek protection, and is forced to seek the assistance of another person, as well as when there is a need to protect fellow Muslims from the tyranny who plans anything evil against his fellow-religionists. Or when you require advice or support, who openly stood up on the wrong path, and you must warn him of this rash step.

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