The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) "I Came To Improve Your Manners"



In a hadith the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "I have come to improve your manners." These days, many young people like to talk about respecting the Sunnah, but they often understand it as something external, something that can be seen - a beard, short pants, miswak. Of course, this is also good, it is Sunnah, no one condemns. But the Prophet (peace be upon him) said - that he came only to improve morals. This is the main Sunnah - good temper, patience, good manners, a person wish to promote generosity - not angry, not gossiping, not raising his voice, forgive offenses, if it hurts him personally, not for religion.

It is important to clean heart, so it never becomes stale, and remove from it the envy, malice, enmity. If the person does not follow this, he will turn into an animal - if he sees pleasure, just grab, something to eat. Animals eat the haram and halal, they have no concept of nikah. God gave man a mind, speech and mind. If we are not working on it, we are worse than animals, as stated in the Quran.

Ramadan Al-Buty says that once he rode in a bus with a group of Arab communists. These were aggressive atheists, who are just saying that there is no God. And then the bus got to the difficult part of the road, the road was slippery, and the bus began to slide into the abyss. These people just got scared and started to cry out to God, to encourage each other to make dua - "make dua, maybe one of you God will take it!" But the danger was over, they came into the city and pretended that nothing was and continued to assert that there is no God.

There are such callous hearts, which cannot be dealt with. This is called "kasava" callousness, hardness of heart, this is a very dangerous state - when a person hears about the death, he is not afraid, not to think about the report on the sanctions is seen manifestations of the power of God, not even a tear shed. Imam Ghazali says that if you can not cry, so at least moisten the eyes, not to be like the hypocrites.


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