The problem of the expulsion of the jinn from our bodies and thoughts. Famine against obsession

The problem of the expulsion of the jinn from our bodies and thoughts. Famine against obsession

I think, almost no one who would have questioned in the presence of Jinn in his own body, once learned about the abilities of these entities introduced into humans.

There are those who really felt the devastating impact on the psyche of these mental parasites. It is believed that these creatures, engrossing body and mind can become a cause of some not very pleasant diseases such as schizophrenia and other mental disorders.
There are many options on the expulsion of these uninvited guests. One of the most effective is the reading of the Qur'an, as well as regular night prayer Tahajjud and fasting. And on the last one is already in more detail. Only it's not as much about the religious fasting , and on dry or cascade fasting in order to getting rid of the obsession.

Believers, who are suffering from paranoia, phobias, unmotivated fears of a split personality, uncontrollable thoughts (this is when the "climb into head," even if you do not want to think about it, obsessive immoral thoughts and ideas) will be able to find a powerful healing through fasting. And it's not just an allegation. "Instead of drugs to starve a day or two," - recommended the Greek writer Plutarch. Often prescribed to their patients fasting Abu Ali Husain ibn Abdullah ibn Sina.

According to modern medicine, the effectiveness of mental health treatment starvation, including schizophrenia, is very high. Even in Soviet times have practiced the treatment of these diseases dry fasting. So in 1976 - 1978 years, there were two scientific conferences, the main theme of which were - treatment of neuro-psychiatric and somatic diseases and physiological processes in the medical starvation. They have done lots of reports on cure a variety of physical comorbidity.

Fasting helps patients with hypochondriacal syndrome, a syndrome of BDD, many patients with simple schizophrenia, depressive patients with different etiologies, many patients with sequelae of brain injury and neuroinfection (diencephalic syndrome) patients with prolonged psychogenic reactions and pathological personality development, as well as many somatic patients with secondary mental health problems, mainly with asthenic-depressive and asthenic-Hypochondria.

It is considered that the therapeutic fasting significantly easier to unhealthy people, aware of his illness and actively seeking treatment.
Here is an example of a positive life (taken from the forum);

- brother was tortured nervous tics and obsessive unconscious movements, which were expressed in involuntary movement arms as if he had something drives away. Passing by certain items, for some reason he hit him on it. Also, he could no longer sit in one place all the time, pushed off his feet from the floor and jumped up and down.

The problem of the expulsion of the jinn from our bodies and thoughts. Famine against obsession

In general, after a few days of his fasting I was carrying my brother in the car and noticed that he did not make any movement of the unconscious, but before the start of fasting during which time he made about a dozen of unconscious movements. To my delight, even his face changed, as it would be more to humanize. With each starvation he got better and better. Fasted for three days at different intervals.
According to the doctors, prolonged state of well-being comes from the mental activity of the brain after fasting in patients.

So, what exactly is dry fasting? And this is one to one the same as our Muslim fast. That is, the complete elimination of the consumption of food and water, in the form of a drink, and enemas. But the difference in duration. Fasting can last from one to three days.

There is a method of treatment and contraindications, as well as some of the nuances, in respect of which necessarily need to consult with a doctor and desirable therapeutic fasting under his leadership. For example, you cannot starve in some diseases of the liver, pregnancy, as well as persons who have not attained 18 years of age. Any amateur performance can lead to tragic consequences. It is important to discuss with your doctor, and then how to get out of fasting. Thus, for example, meat may be toxic, and milk - cause colds. But the whey will be just right. And the important thing to remember - all's well that in the measure. It is impossible to starvation became super-idea, then there may be complications and psychological disorders. The benefits of fasting is only in the case if you approach it carefully, wisely and carefully, and preferably under the supervision of doctors.

Gulnaz Miyassarova

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