The problem of premature ejaculation

The problem of premature ejaculation


We continue to review the norms of sexual relationsin in Islam. Consider the question "premature ejaculation".  Information taken from the book - Sexual Etiquettes in Islam / Lenasia Muslim Association.

Premature ejaculation - a problem that can adversely affect the marriage. In the case of premature ejaculation sperm released instantaneously or after a very short time (30-60 seconds) after the start of intimacy, while the norm is 2-3 minutes.

Because of this woman is sexually frustrated, which can lead to problems in the marriage relationship. In addition, it is also the cause of the inability to conceive a child.

All this has a serious impact on the marriage, so you need as quickly as possible to rectify the situation. There are two main reasons for this situation:

1. The sparse, non-viscous consistency of sperm.

2. The weakness of the nerves in the genital area. Both causes amenable to medical treatment. In addition, the first of these causes can be reduced by certain foods and vitamins.

Also should completely abandon excessive sex, because it dilutes the sperm and weakens the nerves of the penis, i.e. it causes the main causes of premature ejaculation and, ultimately, impotence.

Hakim Razi says that excessive sex - the reason:

1. Young men get older.

2. Older men "fall asleep" forever (ie, die).

3. Healthy men become weak and sick.

4. Weak and sick men die.

Therefore, if there is no strong, genuine, urgent desire to enter into intimacy, it should be avoided.

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