The problem of mixed marriages

The problem of mixed marriages


The problem of mixed marriages, in my opinion, almost impossible, to find the answers to all the questions in many cases unreal. Today, I believe we must conduct active explanatory work among the youth, so that they do not repeat the mistakes. I am convinced that a mixed marriage sooner or later falls apart... Because representatives of different nationalities customs and life, national kitchen, ethics and culture differ in many ways and different. God made us that way.

If a guy marries a Russian girl, according to Sharia, she must change her name to the Tartar (Muslim), and to accept Islam before Nikah. And if she does not agree? What should do the parents? And what will happen with children? In a family with a mixed marriage at every step arise reasons to tensions between spouses. If one will want to watch a TV program on Tatar language of Kazan, the second - program of Moscow in Russian...a Newly created family immediately after the wedding is divided into two halves: what language to communicate, what songs to prefer. Even in the dances, there are differences. Tatars traditionally honor the earth and everything associated with it, and dare not much stomp, it is harmful to the blood vessels of the lower limbs.

According to the Sharia, if a Muslim marries an unbeliever (kaafir), and taught her to embrace Islam, then that person will get a great reward. However, in practice, today it is the opposite. As we see mixed marriages grows many problems. This is particularly acute when the parents have to choose which way to go at the national or religious upbringing of their children. Ultimately interrupted kinship, growing tension in the family.

According to statistics, at present, more than 40 percent of young men and women are in mixed marriages. The most alarming is that children born in such marriages are not already members of the Tatar nationality. At present, not only in mixed families, even in normal is very difficult to keep the native language and our religion. Tatars are losing their population. And this, in my opinion, the lack of spirituality, the lack of piety and faith in the Almighty, and mixed marriages.

Now imagine - what are the major problems arise in connection with mixed marriages? Whether your parents agree? How many of you guys, will say "yes"?

From where does the problem of mixed marriages arise today? Maybe all that our young people have low national historical consciousness. Or that they do not think about the future of their children, and in general, all of our people. We need to finally wake up from slumber. We must read, to be interested, to study the life and work of our best sons and daughters, religious and community leaders. For example, a classic of the Tatar literature Gayaz Ishaki believed that mixed marriages lead to the death of the nation.

Roads, customs and traditions are close to representatives of each nation, everyone has the right to live by keeping these traditions. We must create a family with our nation, and only then we can achieve full of happiness and understanding.

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