The power of your faith

The power of your faith


Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said:

"The strong believer is better and more beloved by Allah than the weak believer, but each of them is good. Be persistent in what brings you favor, seek assistance from Allah and in any case do not give up. If something happened to you, then do not say: "If I did this, it would be so and so." Let me just say, "So ordained by Allah and He did so, as wished," because "if" allows wiles of Satan "Narrated by Muslim (2664).

The true power is not in how to beat someone up or lift something heavy. Force, described here - it is the power of the will, the aspiration, faith in Allah and determination - all of that leads to a strong mind and body. A strong body without a strong soul like a feather in the wind, not able to stay strong when changes. In this hadith the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) refers to the internal and external forces, which stems from the knowledge of his purpose, to achieve it, faith in Allah, and humility with what is outside of our control.

Contrary to popular belief, a belief in God - does not mean reclusive, puritanical existence. If you truly know your purpose in life, you will go forward, taking advantage of every opportunity that will help you get closer to God and to serve Him. You will not avoid the company of people, leadership positions, promotions and other things just because they are too worldly. Conversely, when these features are used firm believer, they can help him get closer to Allah. Such achievements - not an end in itself, but a means to achieve the pleasure of Allah.

A strong believer - one who is firm and persistent in achieving their goals. It's a brilliant combination of mental, physical and spiritual strength, combined with persistence and determination. Part of this force are the knowledge and wisdom to help determine what is useful to us. This may relate to any undertakings in life. Combining all the components of success with determination and endurance, in spite of the problems, strong believer in the end succeed and reach the desired goal.

At some point in life, we fail and disappointment. If we do not have a strong faith in God, we can dream about what could be and to live our life in discontent, as the fantasy of how it could be, distort our sense of reality. However, if we are strong, we will say: "All that Allah wills will come to pass", to continue to trust in God and go forward.

We shall not dwell on the foregone opportunities, spend too much time thinking about "What if?", "if ..." Our main goal in life - not just live our dreams and goals, but, ultimately, to come to the pleasure of Allah, which would not have been the way of life. Sometimes our dreams in life will be implemented, and sometimes not. We are waiting for help and believe He Alone, and do not struggle with what has befallen us.

If you are blessed with confidence, will power, or other sources of power, do not belittle those who are weaker than you. Do not despise people who can not overcome bad habits that do not work as hard as you, who do not have skills like you. In both cases, is kindness. Only the presence of a sincere belief in the heart, regardless of ability and intelligence, should be sufficient to make the voice down and reduce our wings in humility in the presence of other believers.

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