The power of Allah is shocking

The power of Allah is shocking


I think everyone should watch this video - it's just shocking. After watched, another began to read namaz. No, I am a Hanafi, but in my namaz appeared humility. Only now I began to understand - what the Lord I worship.

Many people do not think about the power of Allah, but this video shows his great strength and power. And most importantly, we must remember that Allah created the eye gnat and create the biggest star there is no difficulty, he says, "Be" and any thing occurs.

So think not about what kind of sin you do, the most important to whom you are making it. We, the people, we think ourselves the most important and valuable, it seems to us that revolves around us the whole world, and problems such as mine, no one else has. Stop! Check out this video again. You're a man - a grain of sand, you must understand this, but in spite of this, God gave you respect. Therefore, appreciate His respect and obey His orders and prohibitions.

Allah is the One who created billions and trillions of stars, he knows everything, and He knows your problems, He knows you even better than you yourself, so leave it to Allah. Be sure to see this video.

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