The most important moment in a person's life


One of the disciples of Fudayl ibn Iyad (rahimahullah), appeared at death's door. Fudayl went to his disciple, he sat down at the head and began to read Surah Ya-Sin. Disciple, referring to him said, "Oh, teacher! Do not read". Hearing this, Fudayl silent for some time.

Fudayl then began to pronounce the words "La ilaha Illyallah". The disciple said: "Do not say these words, I am far from them". After this the disciple died.

Fudayl ibn Iyad locked himself in his house and cried for forty days. After forty days he saw his disciple in a dream, who was dragged to hell.

Turning to him in a dream, Fudayl said: "You were my best disciple. For whatever reason, Allah Almighty took your wisdom?"

The disciple replied: "There are three reasons:

1. Because I told my comrades opposite of what you said.

2. Because of my intolerance to my comrades, as I could not stand them.

3. I had one disease. I went to the doctor and asked him the cause of illness and how can I get rid of it. The doctor said: "Every year, you should drink one glass of wine, if you do not, then the disease will not pass". Since then, I began to drink alcohol".

(Ruhul-Bayan 2/419)


The most important point for human life is a departure from the faith in the heart.

Since eternal happiness is directly related to the time of departure of human life with faith in his heart. That is why the friends of Allah are very afraid of losing faith in the moment of death.

Ali Haydar Efendi (kuddisa sirruhu), said: "Mahmoud, my son! We live on the tip of the needle, you know what that means? We live in, but do not know if we can keep the faith at the last moment".

Imam Rabbani (kuddisa sirruhu) said: "Belief and disbelief associated with the last breath. Too many people live life as believers or non-believers, but at the last moment of life can completely change the situation, the one who was a believer dies kafir and the one who lived the life of a kafir, at the last moment of life may believe. From this perspective, the determining factor is the last gasp. "Our Lord! Do not put away our hearts aside after You have guided us to the straight path, and grant us mercy from Yourself, for You - Giver"" (Maktubat, 3rd volume, 17th letter).

Some Arif (who have known Allah) said: "If I am told that I will die the death of a suicide bomber at the entrance door of my house, or die as believer inside my house, I would rather be dead inside my home faithful. ince I'm not sure that my faith will not change until I reach the entrance doors".

Abu Darda (radyyallahu anhu) said, vowing: "Those who arrogantly believes that he can not lose faith, faith will certainly be taken away".

It has been said: "There are such wrong-doings, the penalty for which is a transition to the other world without faith".

Imam Azam (rahimahullah) said: "The biggest reason that in the moment of death a person loses faith, is causing harm to others" (Ruhul-Bayan 2/94).

Abul-Kasim al-Hakim (rahimahullah) said: "There are three things that deprive a person of faith in the moment of death:

1. Ingratitude for professing Islam

2. Lack of fear about the possible loss of faith

3. Causing harm to other Muslims

To live and die with faith in your heart, Ali Haydar Efendi (kuddisa sirruhu) advised as often as possible to read the next verse of sura Ali Imran:

ربنا لا تزغ قلوبنا بعد إذ هديتنا وهب لنا من لدنك رحمة إنك أنت الوهاب

"Our Lord! Do not put away our hearts aside after You have guided us to the straight path, and grant us mercy from Yourself, for You - Giver".


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