The enemy inside us

The enemy inside us


The enemy, who is located inside us, retains people from the knowledge, reading, works, responsibilities and most important, from reflection! Destroys intimacy and affection within the family! Weakens the relationship with the neighbors, makes numb the brain and makes people lazy …

If you think about it, in fact, it is a useless thing. In addition, the use of this technique, contrary to our nature, becomes the secret opposition of our culture. 

It forces children to stay awake until late at night, distract students from their jobs, adversely affect the development of children. In addition, people continuously spend a portion of their funds on it. It is no longer left the house in which there were not this technology ...

Its name, as you guessed, the TV. Independent research group conducted a public opinion poll. The question «What do you do in your free time?» 85% of respondents said they watch TV.

Well, that there is in this televisionHow many useful and educational channels can we list? We regress by means of this invention. We believe the right of Americans and Europeans when they call «stupid box». Because we are trying to live as they live, and we believe they are above us. However, when they are using this technique at ease show us the truth wrong, and the lie is the truth.

They " wash the brains our children and youthsand show unscrupulous channels and programsas if this is normal by way of things so that we would become accustomed to this abomination.

One of the men of science described the situation:

If what you call "civilization," bares body, say that the animals more civilized us.

Why we must consider their culture and level higher than our? Who knows from us that the first university was founded in the world on the order of Sultan Alp Arslan in Baghdad, and the vizier Nizam al-Mulk established "Madrasah Nizamiyah" in 1067. In addition, these institutions, along with religious education taught philosophy, astronomy and mathematics, and education was free. Who of us knows who wrote to 160 scientific works Farabi, or even recognized in the West, "The Lord of Medicine" Ibn Sina (Avicenna)?

So, we thought that the first who opened the pharmacy and wrote scientific papers on drugs were Muslims? ... why all medical terminology in Latin? Why young people do not patronize our culture. Why do we seem to have remained powerless! ...

Or it is possible to ask the following: "what kind of movies and TV shows will show tonight on TV? That was last week, what happened? Many of us are aware of this, do you?" We at our basis not the society ofignoramuses, and were not. But we converted to the ignorant! Makes us forget our essence and told to live like sheep.

Seeing this obvious danger, and saying "this is the invention of Satan", we will be happy, if a little understand what our scientists have thought ...

According to the magazine Gulistan

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