The cause of bad breath while fasting



The cause of bad breath while fasting

Head of Health Burdur (Turkey) Syrry Shenbayram said that oral hygiene is important in the month of Ramadan.

Shenbayram noticed that if you do not treat the teeth, the tooth decay and bad breath will be much more noticeable. Tooth decay and inflammation of the teeth - this is the reason of bad breath.

Further, the head of health continued: "After the iftar and suhoor be sure to clean the teeth. Due to the increase of infectious bacteria, the mouth is exposed to an unpleasant smell. The remains of the food can gather in prostheses, it can also cause bad breath. You need to replace the old dentures".

Shenbayram also noticed that the cause of bad breath can be not only a disease of the teeth, but also an upper respiratory infection or stomach problems. Such a respiratory disease as sinusitis and other diseases which cause nasal congestion, increase the number of bacteria in the mouth. Reduced secretion of saliva exacerbates the situation. Therefore, if laid nose, take action.

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