The Big Bang is cancelled


And hasten to forgiveness from your Lord and a garden as wide as the heavens and earth, prepared for the righteous. (The Quran, 3:133)

Among astro-scientists dealing with the problem of the universe, is brewing another split. They all knew that the time will come when they will need to engage seriously the liquidation of the glaring contradictions existing between the postulate of General relativity and quantum mechanics that govern the whole theory of the origin of the Universe. The problem was particularly intense in the light of recent discoveries in science about the Genesis of the Universe, according to which it is expanded with acceleration. This is in no way linked to the forecasts of scientists about the future of the Universe, based on the theory of the Big Bang. According to them, the universe had to slow down, then start to shrink.

As a result of the glaring contradiction that arose between the reality and the provisions of the so-called scientific picture of the world, about 10 years ago proposed a new theory about the origin of the universe (although more precise to say that the new theory is talking about her eternity). Thus, challenging assumptions of astrophysicists about the age of the Universe, is almost 14 billion years is likely to be forgotten, because according to the new assumption universe is eternal.

Proponents of the new theory claim that it highlights the obvious flaws in the theory of the Big Bang. Professor Adil Awad of the Center for Theoretical Physics (Egypt) said that "scroll" back in time to the state of matter and light in the universe, in both cases it is impossible to come to the most infinitesimal point, because "Point of singularity", which is still considered the source of the Big Bang.

As expected, the basic mass of specialists look at a new hypothesis skeptical. Nevertheless, physicists - people of a special mold, and if the reality will present compelling evidence in favor of a new hypothesis, the few physicists, unlike historians dare to expose themselves stubborn and narrow-minded reactionary conservative, denying the obvious.

Finally, I would like to note that the brewing on the best scientific front opening is not contradict the words of the Almighty that is brought into the epigraph of this article, because every believer knows that heaven is eternal, unless Allah does not wish the other.

Aidar Khairutdinov

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