Soul wounds or the solution of the psychological problems in Islam

Soul wounds or the solution of the psychological problems in Islam


Often those who believe in God certainly should face towards the Ka'aba. However, for some the need for prayer five times becomes impossible burden. From such people sometimes can be heard, " have no time ", " Problems have accumulated above the roof, where here to read the prayer." It is clear that the person claiming this is moving away from the faith.

And yet it should be noted that Islam is not only a reading of the prayer. Believer must, above all, to completely revise his state of mind as well as his views on the universe. If you do not do that, no thorough and timely execution of prayers will not help peace of mind. Recently, many of our countrymen are thinking about their emotional equilibrium and tranquility.

We are increasingly convinced that both body and soul "sores" are a reflection of the neuroses. It is no accident every day increases the number of patients waiting for their turn at the door of a psychologist 's office. However, they overlooked one important detail is that many things that happen to us and have been interpreted by psychologists, are described in the Holy Quran. Most visited at the reception of the expert, after several sessions feel relieved. Being in the dark about what is written in the Holy Book, they dare to declare aloud that this psychologist made a truly "epoch-making discovery."

Exploring the state of mind of his patient, specialist, as usual, gives advice, "You can not solve the problem, try to accept it." The Quran also says (the meaning): "Humbly think of that test, which came down to you by God."

 Take, for example, the idea that thoughts materialize. Psychologists say that the things that often think about it, sometimes manifested in reality. Surprisingly, the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that "Things are evaluated by intentions ..." some of its meaning is known from time immemorial and sealed in thousands of books, published a long time ago and popular to this day.

Envy, resentment, and similar feelings, ultimately, can bring the person to the grave.

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