Sins In Islam



The sins in Islam is not only harm in the “present”. Depending on the number and severity of sins, after judgment day a man falls into one of the seven levels of Hell.

By severity identify “big sins” – the most serious sins in Islam and “small sins”, which someone can get forgiveness after repentance to Allah for what he did, if more of them did not commit.

The biggest sins in Islam

1. Idolatry, polytheism – a great mortal sin in Islam. Everyone who denies Allah, worships idols, expect great torment in most bottoms of Hell. There is no salvation.

2. Libel - a respectable woman is accused of adultery. Grave sins are any actions that contribute to the destruction of the family.

3. The murder of a believer. Allah forbids the killing of innocent people in general, but the murder of a man who believes in Allah, is considered the most serious sin and carries a merciless punishment.

4. Escape from the battlefield. A Muslim should not allow to have violated his shrine and disgraced his nation.

5. Encroachment on orphan’s property.

6. The commission of unlawful acts within Mecca, especially in the Holy Kaaba. This is a sacred place where believers think about the greatness of Allah, of the impermanence of the world, pray for the forgiveness of sins.

7. Leaving the hope of forgiveness and redemption – in Islam as a great sin. So can sin only those whose faith is weak.

8. Adultery, perjury, homosexuality, life interest, consumption of pork, carrion, alcohol - all of this is in the forefront of deadly sins in Islam.

In addition to the major sins, there are a number of undesirable and prohibited acts, which the Almighty Creator warned Muslims. If we want the Angels of Allah protect us from the powers of Satan, must pay much attention to these warnings.

Small sins in Islam

1. Is undesirable and forbidden the eating of meat baggage animals - horses and donkeys (except horses, specially fattened for this). You can not eat mussels, snails, oysters, and sit at a table with drink alcoholic.

2. Do not eat and drink from gold and silver utensils.

3. Men unacceptable to wear silk clothes and jewelry (you can only wear silver ring). It is sin to wear amulets and faith in their force.

4. Prohibited the sale of stolen property, and the sale of alcohol, pork, or other products that Shari'a does not allow to use.

5. You can not hire an employee without specifying in advance the payment of his or her labor.

6. It is unacceptable to sit on the grave, it is not desirable to land without a permit between two people.

7. In Islam, are prohibited to go to bed before the night prayer, or talking after namaz, not related to matters of faith.

8. Religion does not approve two whispering in the presence of a third companion, and conversations in an incomprehensible language.

9. Number one and number two are forbidden in the direction of the Kaaba, do not do it along the roads, under trees whose fruit is used for food , as well as on the nest of spiders, in the current or standing water, pastures, standing against the wind.

10. It is undesirable to go to the bath or swim in the waters uncovered from the waist to the knees. For women, transparent or highly fitting clothing is haram.

11. Islam is against every kind of slander, libel, gossip, insults, personality, as all this causes rupture of friendly relations.

The list of sins in Islam is far from complete. Read the Holy Quran and increase your knowledge! Read books scientists, who are followers of the Sunnah - their knowledge obtained from the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Every sin blackens our soul and alienates from the mercy of Almighty. To be a Muslim in deed, not in words, it is necessary to constantly improve the knowledge and beware of both large and small sins.


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