Secrets of a happy family

Secrets of a happy family


Samples of happy couples, we can find at an example of our Prophet (peace be upon him) and his Companions: Ali ibn Abi Talib and Fatima, the Prophet's daughter, Khadija, and the Messenger of Allah, the Messenger of Allah and his other wife Aisha and many other Muslim couples of those times.

Perhaps the secret of their happy marriage was to their devotion to the Creator, obedience to Him. Psychologists say that the overall goal is the unifying factor in the family. But such a goal, as a service to God, - even more reliable guarantor of family happiness. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is not accidental, and bequeathed to future generations in the selection of a spouse to focus on his (her) religion before beauty, the kind of well-being.

According to Islam, a man bears a great responsibilaty. But it is obvious that every marriage is built at the expense of the contributions of both parties - and a woman and a man. Therefore, there is some set of rules, the violation of which often leads to failures in the prosperous family life: quarrels, scandals, confrontations, and in the worst case - divorce. These rules are simple, but they must be respected by both parties.


The word "generosity" is derived from the word "gift", "give". So be generous so willingly give to your family, your sweetheart love, care, joy. This process should be completely disinterested and voluntary. Being generous does not mean engage in self-sacrifice. Remember the rule: if you want your partner to satisfy some of your interests and needs, not deprive his own! Then the signs of attention, an expression of love and care will cause a partner not suspicious, but the understanding and reciprocity. Generosity is needed both in days of prosperity, and in the days of adversity. Let outside the window raging hurricanes, but the house should always shining sun of mutual support and assistance. Then the hurricanes will be easier to deal with.

Divorce is the most hated of all cases permitted by God. Who knows how many marriages destroyed by reason of mental greed partners: when they are instead to uncover the treasures of their hearts, they closed them and turned away from his beloved, preparing for divorce.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "The best of you - the ones who best to your family." Some skimping, justified by the fact that they are afraid to pamper their soul mate. With a hand, it's just fear. Because an imbalance when one makes for another too much, do not give the feedback of reciprocity, the storm threatens to family ship. Therefore, it is important that the principle of generosity respected by both parties. Psychologist Bert Hellinger says that to maintain harmony in the family need to balance both the good and the bad. But good to return to the slightly larger size, and the bad - a little less. As an alternative, also contributing to the preservation of balance in the family, I would suggest a bad not return, and forgive each other in equal measure.

Generous to friends, relatives, and especially the second half does miracles not only with your loved ones, but also with you. These miracles is a natural consequence of the divine rule: if you are generous to the creatures of God, and God is generous and merciful to you. To know this joy, open today casket riches of your soul and share its treasures. After all, God even in the category of sin is not to enroll the good lies in the relationship between the spouses.

When your spouse recover from the first shock, arrange it to become your general rule and enjoy together good benefits pleasing to God heart waste.

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