Respect for the shrines


Once Harun Rashid went camping with his army. One Jew said Harun Rashid: “Fear Allah!” Hearing the words of Jewish, Harun Rashid, immediately dismounted. His army of respect for mentioned the name of Allah, too, had dismounted.
(Ruhul-Bayan 2\15)


The beginning of wisdom is the fear of Allah.

Umar (radyyallahu anhu) once passed near the house of one man. At this time, the man in his house was reading the following verse:

إن عذاب ربك لواقعما له من دافع

Upon hearing this verse, Umar (radyyallahu anhu) lost consciousness and fell from his horse. He was carried by arms to his home. Due to this condition, he was sick for a long time. So much so that people came to visit him. (Maktubat Volume 1, the 303rd letter)

Everything that is associated with the shrines and spirituality, you must show respect.

Allah Almighty says in the Quran:

ذلك ومن يعظم حرمات الله فهو خير له عند ربه

“Whoever respects the sacred ordinances of Allah, it is better for him with his Lord”.

Never hold the Quran, books and notebooks below the belt, also should not sit above the place where they lie, and should not be pulling legs in their direction.

Do not throw paper on the ground, on which are written the verses or hadith, and finding a piece of paper, you should pick it up. Our ancestors have always done so. For example, Osman Ghazi (rahimahullah) having stayed the night in the same house, did not fall asleep until the morning after spending the night on his knees, as in this room on the wall he saw the Quran. Allah Almighty did not leave without pay, shown by him respect, granting him the Ottoman Empire that lasted 700 years.

Our ancestors out of respect for the paper even picked found cigarette butts, they shook out of tobacco and this piece of paper laid on a high place.

Paper on which were written the verses or hadith, should be burned or buried in the ground. But in any case, do not throw in the trash.
When Umar (radyyallahu anhu) heard the words, “Fear Allah”, he immediately fell prostrate, saying this: “Who is Umar, not to be afraid of Allah”.
One of the greatest sins is in response to the words of a Muslim brother, “Fear Allah”, saying, “You better see for yourself! You to say to me about it?”


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