Repent with eyes full of tears ...

Repent with eyes full of tears ...


Propensity to sin, ignorance, lust, arrogance, pride, unbridled passion, greed, envy, anger, and squandering a barrier between God and man. If a person can lift the curtain of carelessness and lack of understanding, would feel the severity of the committed offences. Then in his heart wakes up hidden virtue. And the heart will burn, secretly in repentance, will shed tears and will seek refuge from Allah. This remorse and regret and there are Tauba, return to Allah. Therefore, Tauba means a conscious desire to Allah before death comes as the result of unconscious. Repentance is the elimination of barriers between Allah and the slave, by repentance.

Repent with eyes full of tears ...


Repentance - is an obligation which is performed first on the way to the Commander.Because sins are barriers that lower the sensitivity of the heart and bringing them to the severity.They are like cloudiness image reflected in a mirror, covered with dust.For a clear image in the mirror, wipe it with a clean cloth, and also in order to understand God, you must first cleanse your heart from spiritual pollution through repentance and prayer for forgiveness.Due to this, the lessons begin with a prayer for forgiveness in some madrasas.That is, you must first get rid of all negative obstacles to achieve the goal, and then set the stage for achieving the main goal.

Prayers for forgiveness, performed from a pure heart, in this case are executed as granted.

One well-known Islamic sage of repentance wrote the following:

"Repent with a soul full of the fire of remorse, eyes are full of tears! As the flowers bloom in the place, where the Sunny and humid..."

Author: Asgat Karimov

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