Parents, stop torturing your children!

Parents, stop torturing your children!


Wise and teachable parents often become the "founders" of the happiness of the child. As well as not very wise - the cause of misery and dejection. In both cases, you can be sure that all parents wish happiness and prosperity to their child. But then why not all children feel the same way under the family roof? Because many parents, being confident in their love, bring children a lot of pain and frustration.

Father and mother often try to children to realize their own ambitions. You can hear: «I could not become an athlete, there was no time and no money. But my son will necessarily go to wrestling school! "Every person in this world is born with a predetermined fate, with his little mission with which he was sent by God. But the parents believe that he has to perform their will to become the person they could not become. Then they will feel that life was not lived in vain. Yes, your life can be lived not in vain, and the lives of children? You forced them to your Path of unrealized hopes and desires, surely suppressing their own. Maybe he wanted to be a biologist, physician, writer, etc. The child - not a toy, not a robot.

What it means to «trust»? It means to believe in the best in a man. If you don't trust your child, you involuntarily grow in him what you fear.  Recall the famous monologue of "Hero of Our Time" Pechorin «unwanted person», who admitted: "Yes! Such was the fate of my childhood"

The first experience, the experience of the first years of life lay a deep imprint on the entire life of the child. 

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