Non-alcoholic Beer - Is It Halal?


As is known, drinking alcohol is forbidden in Islam. Now more often began to appear non-alcoholic alternatives to traditional alcoholic beverages. Is it allowed for Muslims?

Technology of production of non-alcoholic beer is as same as the traditional drink. The manufacturer or reducing the amount of alcohol in beer by inhibiting or reducing fermentation, or remove alcohol from the finished product. 

Also worth noting is that a small amount of alcohol in a drink is still preserved. According to various reports its content varies from 0.2 to 1.5%. 

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: 

"Verily, the permitted and forbidden obviously apparent, and between them is questionable, which many people do not have a clear idea. Beware of questionable exempt from it for the sake of his religion and his honor, and engaged in questionable come and to commit the forbidden ... "(Bukhari, Muslim).

Committee on standard "Halal" DUM RT recommends avoiding the temptation to use the so-called "soft" drinks. Names of these types of drinks imply the presence of alcohol, have been associated with the Haram and UN-Islamic way of life. 

Alina Hakimzyanova, Committee "Halal" EDC DUM RT 

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