Muslim organizations shocked abruptly closing their accounts at HSBC



After a controversial decision HSBC unilaterally close bank accounts belonging to a number of Muslim organizations based in the UK, Muslim organizations to retaliate, branding movement "shocking" and "Islamaphobic."

Last week, HSBC sent a series of nearly identical letters to Muslim organizations in the UK, giving them two months to close their bank accounts, saying that their services fell outside the bank "risk appetite." Ummah welfare Trust, Cordoba Foundation brain and Finsbury Park mosque of Muslim organizations were to receive a letter.

Anas Altikriti, founder and CEO of Cordoba Foundation, which specializes in the development of cultural dialogue, said he was "shocked" by the decision and saddened by the continued silence of the HSBC bank in connection with the issue, adding that not only the bank accounts of the Fund's target of Cordova, but also accounts belonging to his family.

"I had an account with HSBC for over 29 years, since I was a university student. We also opened an account for the Cordoba Foundation, and my wife and children also had accounts in the bank," he told Asharq Al-Awsat .

Altikriti, who is the grandson of former Iraqi Muslim Brotherhood General Guide and is known to have close ties with the organization, criticized the orientation HSBC bank accounts of his family. "My family was ideal clients for the bank," said Altikriti, describing the decision to close the account, as "political."

"I'm angry because of the silence and the tone of the letter that we received.'s Hard to take it when I think of myself as a citizen who respects the law, trying to have a positive impact on the conflicts around the world and seeks to promote peace and dialogue," he said.

Finsbury Park mosque received a nearly identical letter to the one obtained Cordoba Foundation. Name North London mosque has been synonymous with radical cleric Abu Hamza, currently on trial in the United States on charges of terrorism of the 1990s and early 2000s, but is under new management since 2005.

Chairman of the Finsbury Park Mosque Mohamed Kozbar told Asharq Al-Awsat that the mosque was in the HSBC account for nearly six years, and that the mosque was never owe the bank money.

"It's shocking and unbelievable for the bank to send a letter like this without any explanation. We do not know why they made this decision, but we will not be silent. This is outrageous."

He added: "We're doing a great job to bring different communities together. We have worked hard to make it, so we took the mosque of Abu Hamza. We changed the atmosphere in the mosque one of confrontation to an atmosphere of openness and tolerance, based on a moderate interpretation Islam, "accusing the state of" Islamophobia "in British society for the bank's decision.


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