Love is a feeling beyond words

Love is a feeling beyond words


With the observance of modesty, chastity, to experience love for someone is not forbidden. Hide your love with the purpose of preservation of chastity is revered good. In the holy Hadith it is said: "He who falls in love and maintaining chastity, die of love is equated with shahid - fighter for the faith". “Who would fall in love and conceals love, keeping chastity, show patience - "God, forgive him his sins, will send him to Heaven".

We see that the observance of honor and abstinence, not allowing the sin because of love, are considered as the large good. For experiencing a passionate love for someone very difficult to restrain himself so as not to trespass, overcome the cravings and rise above it. And for those who will be able to beat hard, they will get great rewards. The Honorable Imam Ghazali said: "The passion is the most rebellious, it rebels against reason. Although the avoidance of passion, not to submit to others, and useful, they do not get paid for it much good. However, having all the opportunities to commit sin, without any fear and threats from the outside, only because of obedience to Allah the Almighty not to succumb to passion, to prevent it - the greatest wisdom. This degree of sacrifice, which is equal to the degree of righteous Shahid". In the holy Hadith it is said: "Shame - from the faith". "Those who have no shame in that there is no faith. A non-believer will not get to heaven". "The one who is not shamed Allah in public, especially not ashamed alone". "Who wants to be chaste, Most High will make him".

Aina Gamzatova

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