Life will pass, in spite of everything

Life will pass, in spite of everything


We are born, grow up, grow old. After that we die. This is the normal cycle of life, although many people leave in any period of the cycle.

This is the reality of life. Time passes very quickly, and we can not stop it. Every living human being goes to death.

No matter how much we are rich or how large the post we are - we can't increase our life even for a second.

It is clear that this life is temporary and it will pass, no matter what, one day we will leave this world necessarily.

After death we go to the grave and wait for the Day of Judgment, after which the good people go to heaven and the bad will be sent to hell.

Thus, our real training should be for this time of life or permanent life in the next world, where there is no death?

Look at your actions and routines of everyday life. Are we doing enough to Allah sent us to Paradise and saved us from hell?

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