Islam is based on five pillars, and its perfection consists in a clear and consistent execution


Almighty, turning to His servant, said in the Holy Quran: "O child of Adam, I took care of you when you stayed powerless and without movement in the womb and helped you leave it. I put into the soul of your mother towards you feeling of mercy and compassion, tenderness and care until you become stronger. Then you grew up. Then I'm hoping that you believed in Me and your mind, knowing Me, will worship Me with zeal. But you, turning away from the service, was busy demanding more and more food that I have prepared for you and divided it into parts. That's why I swear with my priceless and the outstanding qualities that even if you evaded all the land or penetrate in its bowels to unprecedented depth, not multiply that food, which was originally identified to you".

Indeed, man is created from a drop of fluid, then he grew up and gained a soul, was born, lived and died. And then he was resurrected on Judgment Day, appears in the sight of Allah Ta'ala and in accordance with their deeds and the degree of worshiping the Creator in life finds its eternal place in heaven or in hell. All of the above was done by the will of the Creator. It is thanks to this choice, and how he will live his life, a person will be rewarded by God promised a place in heaven or hell subjected to torture in the damn place for Satan. In order to understand the essence, the person granted mind by Allah. And all our troubles are laziness and unwillingness to make our mind to think. As reducing the degree of mental activity more and more person immersed in an abyss of worldly cares, and then completely ceases to think and reflect and as a result moving away from the Creator, not subordinating his life laws sent down by God, and becoming a slave of his base desires and passions idle. Ultimately, it all leads him to bringing innovations in religion. Obviously, these innovations contribute to the fact that religion ceases to be teaching, sent down by Allah Ta'ala.

Almighty says in the Holy Qur'an:

"This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion". (The Quran, 5:3)

Our religion - Islam is perfect and flawless, it is distinguished by its completeness and consistency. Islam is based on five pillars, and its perfection consists in a clear and consistent execution.


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